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Get the Most out of Your Trip to Rome

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Get the Most out of Your Trip to Rome

Taking three-day bus trips is a very common thing to do when studying in or planning a trip to Rome. It allows you to see as much as possible in the least amount of time. The best part about three-day bus trips is that they fit comfortably within any week-long visit to Rome, and you will still have plenty of time left to explore the city! If Rome isn’t where you are going, check out the top five best places for students to study abroad.

To help you plan your Roman getaway, we’ve outlined some basic preparation steps and places to consider visiting on your trip:


Providing cheap guided weekend trips around Europe by bus, Euroadventures offers “all inclusive” travel packages at a reasonable cost. Starting here will give you a leg up when planning your trip to Rome

A young customer shares her EuroAdventures experience with us: “While studying in Rome, I signed up for a trip which was 325 euro. The bus drove 40 of us to Sorrento on a Thursday afternoon. The nine hour drive allowed us to make new friends, share our personal stories, and watch movies. When we arrived, several of us went our separate ways.”

“Most people stayed in hotels, but several of us were placed in bungalows. You aren’t given a choice where you sleep, but all of the places are good. Bungalows are mini houses that have everything you need with bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. It fit six of us comfortably. The guides that work for Euroadventures travel along with you and provide ferry and train time tables for day trips to wherever your heart desires, as long as it is within reach.”

The Amalfi Coast

Boasting cliffs on the waterfront and the vivid visual experience of houses stacked on the rocks, Amalfi is what everyone dreams of when they think of Italy.

Your Amalfi Coast Site-Seeing Guide

Friday morning, purchase a one way ferry ticket to the Island of Capri from Sorrento. This way you can stay on the island as long as you please. This island is the site of Italy everyone waits for.

Hop on a boat tour around the island which takes a couple of hours. Take a couple drinks for fun, swim through grouts, and jump off cliffs. This trip allows you to see the gorgeous coast of Italy for a bargain price. Make sure you don’t miss the ferry back to Sorrento!

Friday night, enjoy the life of downtown Sorrento. It is a small town with dance clubs, bars, shops, espresso, and handmade leather sandals. They will make the style of sandal you want. They personally fit the custom sandals to your feet for only 10 euro.

Saturday, take a bus into Positano. The beach is breathtaking. It is one of the only sandy beaches on the coast. Positano is a good town for tourist shopping if you want to get out of the sunshine. Pay close attention to the colors, architecture, and homes of the coast. They are truly a site to see. The incredible bus drive to this town is exciting because part of the drive is seated directly on the edge of a cliff. You can look straight down into the ocean from hundreds of feet above the shoreline.

Sunday, get up early to catch a train to Pompeii. Pompeii is the town that was completely covered in lava when Mt. Vesuvius erupted. It has since been excavated and travelers can now see some of the town that is left. The petrified bodies of Pompeian citizens were found during the excavations.

After Pompeii, if you end up having enough time, take another train to Naples, the birthplace of pizza. Go there, eat the famous margarita pizza, and get on a train back to your bus in Sorrento before it leaves. You can be back to Rome Sunday night, leaving you enough time to spend the rest of the week in Rome.


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