How To Fly With Kids

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Tina, a mother of two toddlers, recently met with us to share her tips on how to fly with kids.

Video Transcript:

My name is Tina.

I am a mother of twin toddlers and I have a few tips of how to fly stress free with toddlers

First thing is to ensure you’re organized.

Have enough diapers for the entire time, not just for the flight.

A layover of two hours could end up being a layover of six hours, and if you don’t have enough diapers it’s not likely that there will be any in the airport either.

Also, have enough snacks.

Snacks, snacks, snacks, all their favorite snacks and even get a few new ones just to try out.

Keep them fed always, and also bring an empty sippy cup.

They won’t let you take it through when you go through security but you can refill it once you actually get through security.

So then you can fill it up with juice, they’re happy, no spills, all is good.

And finally, the last thing I would suggest is when you are checking in make sure that they have put you together every leg of the trip.

I had an attendant at the flight check-in who said he put us together the entire time, but when we actually got to the gate on the second leg, we weren’t together.

It would have been quite a surprise for whoever got stuck with my twins.


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