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How To Pack A Carry On Suitcase

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How To Pack A Carry On Suitcase

If hopping on a plane every other week for your work seems like the life you live, you should consider this article as a resource. People who travel for work only pack a carry on to save time, money, and hassle. When it comes to travel- especially if you do it often- keeping things efficient, clean, and simple are the only way to do things in order to keep yourself pulled. The downfall of traveling with so much in a carry on is that it can be a taxing to pack appropriately. Use these tips onhow to pack a carry on suitcase to maximize space and minimize wrinkles.


Start out by laying out all of your clothes that have already been cleaned, ironed, and pressed outside of the suitcase. Stack your shirts on one another starting from the largest and moving your way to the smallest, which will end up on top. Make sure all buttons are buttoned, zippers are zipped, and no collars are oddly bent or folded.

In order to prevent wrinkles, there must be no creases in your folding. The way that we plan to pack may seem a little odd but will help keep any creases out of your clothes.

Packing Method

How to pack a carry on suitcase for your next trip is very simple. Once your shirts have all been laid out, it is time for your slacks. Start by placing one pair of pants on top of your shirts parallel with the arms. Place your second pair of pants in similar fashion on top of the first pair so that the belt loops of your second pair of pants is on top of the ankles of your first pair of pants. Alternate the position of your pants so that it is even on both sides. Place the pile of unfolded shirts and slacks in your suitcase so that the arms and legs drape around the sides.

In the center of your carry on, on top of your shirts and pants, place all of your underwear and socks in the open area, keeping them evenly spaced. The idea is to make a solid, flat stack of clothing roughly from shoulder to shoulder to mid torso of the first shirt you laid out. Place your toiletries in a plastic zip-lock and lay them as flat as you can on the stack to keep it even. Double check to see that all containers are closed to prevent accidents. Make sure that your business essentials are packed in this area- things like phone chargers, USB cables, camera chargers, and computer chargers. Make sure that you leave out whatever you wish to access during your flight.

Remember that batteries die much quicker on airplane mode than usual, so your cell phone charger may be a useful thing to have handy. All other accessories you want to use during your trip should be placed in the outside pocket.


Now for the fun part on how to pack a carry on suitcase: folding without the creases. Take the arms of your shirts, along with your slacks, and fold them over the filled center of your bag (underwear, socks, and other accessories). Fold the tails of your shirts over the pile last, and smooth out any access wrinkles.

Depending on the amount of things you are bringing, you should have room at the top. Pack your shoes- which should be contained in a plastic bag- in the sides of your suitcase. Place your suit or sport coat in the center on top. For more information on how to back a suit, check out our blog post on how to pack a suit for travel. Between your shoes is also a good place for books, paperwork, folders, notepads. The idea with books and the shoes is to create a relatively hard surface similar to the bottom of the carry on to protect all the stuff that is inside.

Finally, zip up your bag and put anything you may use during your travels in the front pocket. Using this technique in how to pack a carry on suitcase, your things should arrive to your destination safe and sound with minimal wrinkles and creases.


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