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How To Prepare For Black Water Rafting

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How To Prepare For Black Water Rafting

Invented in the mid 1980’s by White Water rafting enthusiasts from New Zealand, the sport of cave rafting, or black water rafting , has taken the world of spelunking and extreme sports by storm. Whether you’re interested in seeing bioluminescence up close and personal, or simple splashing through quick rapids in the pitch black darkness, black water rafting has everything an adrenaline chaser could ask for.

If you’re interested in going on a black water rafting trip, the first thing you’ll need to purchase is travel sports insurance. We’ve also compiled a list to help you pick the necessities to bring on your extreme cave rafting trip!


Though black water rafting consists mainly of holding on to a small rubber inner tube while careening over tall underground waterfalls, many of the most popular rafting routes in both Belize and New Zealand require a bit of spelunking. The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. suggest you be in decent shape to repel through the small caves to the rafting routes, so start running and climbing daily!

A Guide

We know you can’t pack a personal black water rafting guide from home, but it is worth mentioning. Most of the large rafting caves are open to the public and it is completely legal to tube on your own within their depths. However, since rafting does pose a small risk for danger, it is highly recommended that you find a local guide to take you through the cave routes.

A Clear Mind

While the physical dangers of black water rafting are inherent and apparent, the mental risks are slightly harder to identify. If you suffer from acrophobia, or an extreme fear of heights, your mental reactions may lead you to accidentally put yourself and your guide in harm’s way. If you are worried about how you might react in high stress environments, test yourself by trying less extreme sports.

If you find the idea of rafting around ancient caves, looking up at the beauty of nature in the hanging glowworms and stalactites while falling from underground waterfalls, then black water rafting may be the extreme sport for you. Don’t forget to start your trip right with travel sports insurance!

Let us know what you think about extreme rafting in the comments!


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