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How to Sit By the Best Stranger on a Long-Distance Train

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How to Sit By the Best Stranger on a Long-Distance Train

Plenty of articles already exist about the types of people you want to avoid on a train. The crying baby, the guy with the small bladder, the hygienically challenged – take your pick. But rather than focus on the people you should stay away from during your ride, consider finding the most interesting ones. Here are some tips for finding the best stranger on your train:

  1. The Guy with the Interesting Hair – Admittedly, this could go either way. But you have to wonder what his deal is. Does he normally style it that way? What does it say about his attitude about life? Maybe he’s a nomad who travels a lot. It could be there’s a really great story behind the cut. Maybe he lost a bet. No matter how the train ride turns out, at a minimum you’ll have something to think about during the trip.

  2. The Sleepy Person – Your attraction to this person has more to say about your frame of mind when you board than them. But if you’re looking for someone who’s going to lean his head against the window for three hours and not make a sound – allowing you to remain unbothered – that’s a good stranger. If they snore and use your shoulder as a headrest, you have a problem. That’s the risk you take in targeting the sleepy person.

  3. The Girl with the Sunglasses – Who are you, mysterious woman who needs shades within the car of a train? Are you someone famous, or do you just have a big ego and want to give the appearance of being famous? Or could it be you simply had a few too many drinks last night and even the slightest bit of visual stimuli hurts? Maybe you’re like former Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and have extreme sensitivity to light. The questions go on and on.

  4. The Precocious Kid Traveling Alone – C’mon, it’s just like a movie! You find that adorable tyke off to visit Grandma and Grandpa. She’s quirky, fun, and a surprisingly adept conversationalist. She tells you intimate details about her parents, which unexpectedly gives you new insight into your relationship with your spouse. In a few short hours, her wise-beyond-her-years opinions have reshaped your outlook on life. Or she could be sullen and play video games nonstop. You take your chances.

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