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How to Survive a Sports Injury Abroad

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How to Survive a Sports Injury Abroad

Dear Tokio Marine HCC - MIS Group:

Yes, it's me, the klutziest of travel journalists, writing to you again. So, here's what happened recently: I tried my hand at fly-fishing in Mammoth, California. After that experience, I decided to undertake the sport again in Exmouth, which is located in central-western Australia. My target spot: Nigaloo Lagoon. Word is, the fly-fishing there is renowned, and the landscape glorious.

mammoth lake

Why are you touching base with us, you ask? Well, there was an incident during my Mammoth Lakes fly-fishing experience. One I hope not to repeat, but, if I do… Well, let me explain.

A fantastic instructor took me to a picturesque spot and showed me the basics. I couldn't wait to have the gear in hand. Properly schooled, I set the line aloft. The line, as it should, made its way back to me. However, it was a windy day and the barbed hook attached itself to my cheek.

I attempted to play it cool as my instructor went about trying to extract the hook to no avail. When panic struck his face, I knew I was in trouble. I held my breath as he drew a knife from his belt and lowered it to my cheek. Quick as a whip, he cut the line. The hook, however, remained firmly planted in my cheek. “We need to go to the emergency room," I was informed. Gulp.

fly fishing accident

At the hospital, my situation brought great levity to the staff. Apparently, I wasn't the first person who'd gotten hooked during a windy day of fly-fishing. I, however, wasn't laughing. Especially when I saw the needle with which they were planning to numb my cheek.

“NO!" My hand shot out, my fear of needles getting the best of me. The very accommodating doctor agreed we could ice the area, tie a string through the hook and yank. Though this approach met with success, I'd prefer never to repeat it.

Now, my trip to Australia is looming on the horizon. As excited as I am about attempting fly-fishing again, I'm a little reticent. Does your travel medical insurance cover emergency room visits for such mishaps?


The Accident-Prone Tourist

P.S. Enclosed is a photo. Yes, it looks like a mosquito, but it's a hook. Good news is – no scar.


Dear Accident-Prone Tourist,

Your first fly-fishing outing sounds unfortunate, not to mention painful. So sorry about that!

Regarding your upcoming trip to Australia, rest assured that both our Atlas Travel and Atlas Premium travel medical insurance plans cover visits to the emergency room. There's no co-payment for emergency room treatment of an injury, under which a fly-fishing incident would fall. An exception would be an emergency room visit for an illness, which carries with it a $200 co-payment, unless hospital admission is necessary.

Australia is one of the 130 countries and territories worldwide where Tokio Marine HCC - MIS Group maintains relationships with hospitals and doctors. In fact, we can help you locate the appropriate healthcare professional while traveling internationally. Simply phone us at 1-800-605-2282 or 1-317-262-2132.

If your medical issue is less pressing than an emergency might be, you can also access Equian International, our international provider network, online at equian.com. Simply fill in the country, city, and type of healthcare provider required, along with language, gender, and service criteria, and nearby healthcare experts/facility recommendations will appear onscreen.

Feel free to give us a call for further clarification, or if you have additional questions, at 1-800-605-2282.

Have a fantastic time fly-fishing in Australia!


Tokio Marine HCC - MIS Group Representative

P.S. Ellen in our offices is an avid fly-fisherperson. To avoid mishaps on windy days, she suggests always wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses when out on the water.

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