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London Olympics: A Guide to Local Transportation

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London Olympics: A Guide to Local Transportation

The streets of London are sure to be filled with sports fans from around the world during the Summer Olympic Games of 2012. To help you from getting lost on the streets during the London Olympics, we have put together this short guide for getting around town:

Taxis & Minicabs

There are a wide variety of taxi services to choose from in London. The iconic Black cabs run across the city and smaller “minicab” companies offer services that cater to different demographics. Be sure to check out “Zingo Taxi” for a nice smart phone application to help you hail the nearest cab!

The Tube

The London Underground, also known as “The Tube,” has numerous tracks that run all over the city and into its surrounding counties. You can find entrances and exits to the Tube at many locations. Passes and pre-paid cards are available at the entrances to each station, or you can order a pass before you leave home!

Trams & Buses

London has more than one iconic form of transportation. Its double-decker buses, brought back due to popular demand, offer scenic views of the city from the road. Be prepared for delays though – the heavy use of the buses by visitors and tourists might lead to traffic jams.

A small system of tram routes, Tramlink, transports travelers in South London. Oyster passes from the Underground are accepted, making this a nice opportunity to consolidate spending during your visit!


It can be a bit stressful to navigate a new city from the seat of a bike, but there are many bicycle-friendly routes and side streets to enjoy. Remember to wear a helmet! Guided bicycle tours are available as well for the more adventurous visitors.

You can enjoy a three-wheeled rickshaw tour of the entertainment district known as Soho.


What better way to take in the sights and get to know a city than by walking its streets? It is a more environmentally-friendly approach to touring the city and can actually save you time and help you avoid traffic!


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