Finding the Right Medical Mission Trips for You

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When it comes to medical missions trips, there is literally a world of opportunity out there. Surprisingly enough, you don’t necessarily need to be a doctor to travel the world and serve. Whether you’re an accomplished physician, a student in nursing school, or someone with zero medical training, there are plenty of organizations (religious and otherwise) looking for volunteers to help bring treatment to third-world nations with short and long-term medical missions trips.

If you’re ready to help out, it is simply a matter of finding an organization with a trip that’s right for you.

For Doctors and Nurses

It is fairly well known that the best place for medical professionals to start looking for mission opportunities is Doctors Without Borders. Known more commonly around the world by its French name, Médecins Sans Frontières, this humanitarian organization has volunteers in almost seventy countries, and specializes in offering medical treatment to suffering individuals. Learn more about volunteering for fieldwork with Doctors Without Borders here.

For Students

Many mission organizations offer opportunities specifically for students to go on medical missions trips while in school. For example, One Mission Society International often works with nursing students to set up triage in remote countries like Ecuador. The best place to look for opportunities is usually at your own school. Going through your nursing or medical school will give you special access to unique programs and maybe even grants to help pay your way.

For Everybody

Even if you have no medical expertise of any kind, the doctors and nurses who provide treatment abroad require tons of support. Many groups love to take photographers along for the ride. Additionally, Doctors Without Borders even accepts volunteers in their offices in New York City. Whatever your skill set, there is a place for you in the field of medical mission work.


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