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Packing for a Business Trip

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Packing for a Business Trip

Packing for a business trip can quickly become stressful even though few items are usually required for the trip. Forgetting a crucial item such as a tie, heels or a portfolio can cause stress when packing for a business trip.

This short guide provides three tips on packing for a business trip.

Traveling Light

The average carry on size restriction is 16 X 14 X 9 inches. Along with your carry-on, one can also bring a purse, briefcase or small tote. According to the Transportation Security Administration, carry-ons need to be 40 pounds or less. Checking bags comes with a fee. For a brief business trip, everything a person needs can be squeezed into the one carry-on bag and personal bag allowed on the plane, so the fee is completely avoidable.

Not checking bags saves time. It gives the traveler less items to keep track of and saves him/her money. Additionally, everyone knows that occasionally airlines simply lose bags. Putting everything needed for a presentation inside luggage and handing it over to an airline is a risk that you may not want to take when packing for a business trip.

Packing Suits/Professional Clothing

On a business trip, a traveler will probably be staying in a hotel. It is certainly best to check beforehand the amenities the hotel will be providing. Poorly packing a suit or other professional clothing can cause wrinkles that may not come out with quick ironing. Many people pain themselves over careful folding, but purposely putting a crease into clothing is only going to cause wrinkles, bundling, rather than folding, is the best way to pack a wrinkle-prone wardrobe. Additionally, deciding to wear a jacket or suit piece during travel may be the easiest way to get it from point A to point B wrinkle-free. It is also smart to wear the intended dress shoes during travel too. Dress shoes are less at risk of damage in a bag, but are heavy, and their bulk can take up valuable space. Bringing a pair of shoes that can swing between a casual and professional setting is ideal when packing for a business trip. A silk tie or scarf is best rolled up and packed where it will not be snagged or crunched.

Selecting Liquids and Toiletries

Bringing liquids on board is a sensitive issue. There is a very specific system to remember when packing liquids. The Travel Security Administration (TSA) specifies that passengers may bring 3-ounce bottles of liquid, kept in one plastic bag that is one quart in size.

Larger bottles of necessary liquid such as medicine or breast milk can be brought, but must be claimed individually and searched. When packing liquids, it is important to choose what is actually necessary. All hotels provide basic soap, shampoo and lotion, so a traveler should only bring something they know the hotel cannot accommodate. Objects like razors, nail clippers and scissors cannot be taken on planes. Travelers need to take care of these hygienic needs before they depart or purchase them once they arrive at their destination.



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