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Packing the Perfect Travel Makeup Kit

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Packing the Perfect Travel Makeup Kit

When packing for a trip, it’s not uncommon to forget a few things. Your makeup doesn’t have to be one of them. The tips below will help you pack the perfect travel makeup kit.

Trying to decide what to take can be confusing. Simply remember to always have the following:

1) A multi-purpose lipstick or lip color for both day and evening wear
2) Mascara
3) Eyeliner
4) A concealer, foundation, or powder
5) Shadows

But that’s not all you need. Even the best makeup in the world won’t be effective if it’s applied to damaged skin. Most skin becomes dehydrated when traveling, therefore your travel makeup kit isn’t complete without a few other items, including:

1) Hydrator
2) Cleanser
3) Makeup wipes
4) Lip conditioner

So remember, the next time you hop on a flight to Miami Beach or Istanbul, include these nine items to ensure that you have the perfect travel makeup kit.


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