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Planning for International Travel

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Planning for International Travel

Brazil may have taken center stage as a travel destination in hosting the World Cup, but it’s just one of the many places international travelers will visit this year.

Our new Planning for International Travel infographic showcases 12 of the best countries to visit and helps you plan a trip to these popular places with:

  • When to visit
  • Top cities
  • When to book
  • Approximate cost per day
  • Travel tips
  • Potential dangers

This post will share some of the key findings of our research on international travel trends.

France gets the most visitors

Six of the countries listed in our infographic are the most popular countries for tourists, while the other half are hot destinations for this year.

France has historically been the most popular country in the world to visit, with some 81.4 million tourists per year, followed by the United States (62.7 million) and China (57.6 million).

Rounding out the top six most popular countries are Spain (56.7 million), Italy (46.1 million) and Turkey (34 million).

When to book your international trip

Booking your trip a month or two in advance will give you a good chance of getting a great travel deal. However, you should plan to book your trip at least 21 days before you travel, according to U.S. News & World Report.

According to the “Rule of 21,” airlines start jacking up their airfare three weeks before a flight is scheduled to depart. Consequently, it’s hard to find a good deal on a flight if you wait until the last few weeks before departure.

Another planning tip is to check airfare rates in the middle of the week as most people search on the weekends and airlines try to capitalize on that web traffic. You can also save money by flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday since weekends are the most popular times to fly.

When to visit

Geography and climate play a big role in when to visit your international travel destination. Popular European countries like Spain are a year-round destination but the best months to visit are April-June and September-October when you can enjoy the weather while avoiding the swarm of July and August tourists.

Australia is best to visit in the June-August timeframe as it’s winter and the temperatures have dropped (seasons are the opposite of those in North America and Europe).

China can be visited year-round but the best time for tours is March to May or September to early November as you avoid the extreme summer heat and the bitter cold of winter.

Travel dangers

Some countries are safer to visit than others, and the annoyances and dangers that you can face as an international traveler can vary greatly – from pickpockets to terrorism or natural disasters.

It’s important to research the country you’ll be visiting and always be aware of your surroundings once you’ve arrived. You should also look into travel insurance that can protect you from an unforeseen emergency as there’s a good chance your existing health insurance won’t protect you abroad.

Learn more about all of these subjects from the Planning for International Travel infographic.


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