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Safety and Security During Summer Olympics 2012 in London

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Safety and Security During Summer Olympics 2012 in London

The Olympics take safety and security very seriously. De-Neita Peoples, a student currently studying abroad in London during the 2012 summer Olympics, gives us the inside scoop about the latest news on security for the Olympics.

Security Update

De-Neita informed us that the security firm G4S, a private security company, was understaffed by thousands for the Olympic events. As a result, they were replaced by the Newcastle Olympic Security. Thousands of extra troops are deployed to help secure the Olympic games of 2012 on the eve of the opening ceremony. 12,200 armed forces personnel have been ordered to carry out security and bag check at the various Olympic venues. The numbers of deployed armed forces keeps rising, as the government wants to take extra safety precautions for the Olympics.

Safety Tips

The first basic safety and security tip for those of you lucky enough to travel to the summer Olympics of 2012 is to pack light. Wear pants or shorts with pockets so you don’t have to bring any bags into the events. Most events won’t allow you to bring any bags or purses. Try not to keep your valuable items in one place. Keep bulks of cash, checks, and credit cards separate, and get copies of all of your documents just in case they are stolen or lost. Be aware of prohibited items and restricted items, which you will not be able to bring into the events. Be aware of crime in the big city, and don’t leave your things lying around. Try not to travel at night if it isn’t necessary.

If there is a severe emergency and you need to get a hold of someone immediately, +999 is the emergency number used to call the police, ambulance, or fire department. Safety and security in the UK is slightly different than the US and other European countries. It is illegal to carry CS spray, and is a criminal offense to carry weapons such as knives and guns. So pack accordingly, and be safe!


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