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Single Suitcase Solutions: 6 Ways to Lighten Your Load

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Single Suitcase Solutions: 6 Ways to Lighten Your Load

You may have seen the movies in which a high-maintenance character arrives with a dozen pieces of luggage for an overnight trip. In reality, carrying that much baggage can be a hindrance, especially when you have only a few days to enjoy your trip.

By traveling with only one bag, you are able to eliminate checked baggage fees. You also gain more flexibility, especially if you plan to travel to more than one place.

6 ways to maximize your travel time by lightening your load:

1. Make a list: In the same way that you are likely to spend more money at the grocery store without a list, you may be more inclined to pack more clothing and accessories without a list. Write down the places you intend to visit and the activities in which you expect to participate. This will give you a better perspective of your actual needs. For instance, you probably will not need a blazer for a weekend in Big Sky, Montana.

2. Double up: When traveling with a companion, consider packing everything into one larger bag rather than two smaller ones.

3. Cut down on your toiletries: If you are staying at a hotel, do not bother packing shampoo, soap and conditioner. It can be a difficult to get the little bottles to pass security inspection at the airport, and leaving them at home saves space in your single suitcase.

4. Select travel-friendly clothing: There is a reason that travel catalogs include a wardrobe of rib knit clothing for women. In addition to being lightweight, they are easy to roll up and squeeze into an odd corner without wrinkling. They often are casual enough for a day at Disney World and dressy enough for a night out on the town

5. Shoes: Wear a good pair of walking shoes, but if you insist on having different styles to match different outfits, consider buying Onesole brand sandals, which allows the traveler to have one sole base paired with a variety of strap designs that can be packed flat.

6. Traveling for business: Packing light can provide an advantage when navigating busy airports. Watch our video on how to pack a suitcase for business travel to get tips on how to prepare for business travel.

Whether you pack one bag or more, always make sure to carry emergency numbers, leave copies of your itinerary and other important papers with a trusted family member or friend at home.


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