The 5 Best Holiday Travel Blogs

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1. Exploring the Odd

Candy Cane LaneAny time you are traveling, look up your destination on Atlas Obscura. It's sure to have new, strange things that can put a new twist on your travel experiences. For the holidays, Candy Cane Lane in Los Angeles is sure to impress the California tourist.

2. Airplane Etiquette

Flight Attendant

Planning to fly during this winter holiday season? Learn the do's and don'ts from veteran flight attendant Heather Poole. Her popular blog eventually led to the launch of her book, Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a flight attendant, or just what's expected of you as a passenger, Poole's blog is the perfect opportunity to find out.

3. Leaving Home Prepared

Packing Checklist
If you're looking for practical tips and suggestions for things to do all over the world, check out the Holiday Travels Blog. You know not to leave home without your toothbrush, but you may want to consult the for some of the more easy-to-forget items before traveling abroad.

4. Christmas Getaway Advice

Indian Ocean BeachA California native living in London, Julie Falconer is an expert on travel. She's traveled to many places abroad and has some great advice on planning your trip. Check out this post about Christmas escapes. Once you read about spending Christmas in the sun and sand, you'll never want to sit at home and bake ham again.

5. Helpful TSA Tips

Airport Security

Not sure what you can take through airport security? Here are some helpful tips from Mental Floss about everything from transporting snow globes to whether your presents will have to remain unwrapped. And you will definitely want to make sure that Christmas sweater is okay with the TSA. If you'd like to throw your hat in the ring and create your own holiday travel blog, you can start one for free with Travel Pod.


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