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The 6 Most Annoying Travelers in the World

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The 6 Most Annoying Travelers in the World

“One travels more usefully when alone, because he reflects more.” – Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson did his share of business traveling, shuttling back and forth between Monticello and Philadelphia among other places. But our 3rd President didn’t have to endure the types of travelers Chuck Gose does.

Gose is based in Indianapolis, IN and takes about 30 business trips a year. Because he frequently travels alone, he has lots of time to reflect on his fellow travelers and what he sometimes sees annoys him.

Because I travel a lot, I get to sit and watch people,” says Gose. “As you go through the airport, through security, getting on the plane, getting off the plane, there are little annoying things people do throughout the entire process.

Want to avoid making the list? Don’t be any of these people the next time you fly.

Not Ready Guy

“The first one is the person that gets up to the TSA agent and THEN they go looking for their boarding pass and their ID,” says Gose.

You’ve been behind this person before. It’s the guy who spends 10 minutes or more in the security line watching the entire process and it never occurs to them that they should be prepared when it’s their turn.

Just a Minute Guy

This is the passenger who gets through the security line and then seemingly takes forever to repack their bag, put their belt and shoes back on and decides to do it at right at the end of the conveyor belt. Gose holds this traveler in contempt and awe at the same time.

“I’m always amazed at the people that have blinders on….They’re in their own little world and they may not care that they’re holding you up because it’s their time. You know what , maybe good for them.”

Lurker Guy

This traveler holds a special place on the Mt. Rushmore of annoying travelers for Gose. Lurker Guy is the passenger who is in Group 4 with an assigned seat, but still feels the need to stand right by the gate. This person stands up front and watches first class, elite, parents with kids, people in wheelchairs, seniors, then groups one through three board ahead of him, but can’t help himself. He has to stand right by the gate in everyone’s way.

No Shoes Guy

As annoying as Lurker Guy is, he’s nothing compared to no shoes guy. Why is it OK for some people to take their shoes off in an airplane? People don’t take their shoes off in a restaurant, sporting event, or a theatre, so why is it OK to do it on a plane?

“I almost lose my mind,” says Gose. “I understand that you need to be comfortable, but leave your shoes on. If you need more comfortable shoes, go buy more comfortable shoes.”

Reclining Guy

Another of the most annoying travelers are the ones so inconsiderate as to treat the cabin of an airplane like their living room. They may already have their shoes off, but that’s not enough. They feel the need to hit the button and recline their seat straight back into the lap of the person behind them. Gose is 6’4” tall so his knees are already jammed up against the seat in front of him to begin with. However, he does have a weapon to combat this traveler.

“A guy taught me a trick,” he says. “If you have a full water bottle, you can actually wedge it between the tray and the seat in front of you and the person can’t recline their seat.”

Almost Ready Guy

This is a very special passenger. He is a hybrid of Not Ready Guy and Just a Minute Guy. This is the person who waits until EVERYONE in front of them has gathered their belongings and has begun to exit the plane before they stand up and start to get theirs.

“If you gather your stuff and it’s your turn to leave, there should be people in front of you,” says Gose. “Everybody else should not have cleared off the plane. That’s the barometer.”

Traveling can be one of life’s great joys or it can be a miserable day filled with annoying people. Practice these tips and make life better for those around you.


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