Top 5 Alternative Destinations for College Mission Trips

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Traveling is becoming a growing trend among today’s student population. Most students tend to travel to Western Europe or Australia in order to study abroad in countries that are culturally similar to their homes, but college mission trips offer an exciting alternative to the traditional college student trip.

College mission trips take place all over the world similar to study abroad programs. While many missionaries flock to a few typical destinations to work (Haiti and Mexico top many lists for good mission fields), you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing a place to volunteer abroad.

If you’re looking for a unique place to lend a hand, consider our top 5 alternative destinations:


Still recovering from the Soviet era, Estonia offers students the chance to see a unique part of Eastern Europe and the opportunity to serve. In Estonia, volunteers can expect to work in schools and orphanages.

Sierra Leone

The West African nation of Sierra Leone is increasingly becoming a popular destination for mission trips. The appeal for college students is the ongoing reconstruction of the capital city, Freetown. Much of Sierra Leone has been destroyed and is slowly being rebuilt.

Costa Rica

Some students choose this Central American location so they can work in orphanages, schools or medical clinics. However, the attraction to Costa Rica is the environment. Several programs involve trail creation/maintenance and construction work in the country’s national parks and reserves.


Many students choose to travel to Romania to work in the country’s orphanages.


Like most South American mission trips, you will most likely work in orphanages and other educational institutions. Participating in missions to Peru could also mean working in medical clinics.

Remember, no matter where you go, you are there to both help people in need, and to have some fun while experiencing a foreign culture. You can do both while you are on a college mission trip.


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