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Top 5 International Travel Apps

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Top 5 International Travel Apps

All travel requires a certain amount of planning. But you want to ensure you’re especially prepared when heading to a different country, where language and cultural barriers may be harder to overcome.

Having a full range of mobile tools at your disposal can significantly improve your experience. With smartphones, managing your trip is a more immediate and flexible proposition. A seemingly endless supply of travel apps is available through the App Store and Google Play, but the following five are particularly beneficial:

  1. Wikitude – Though it’s been available for about 5 years now, Wikitude is still one of the best travel apps on the market. By taking advantage of augmented reality, the app enables you to view an area through your phone’s camera. Information about the scene you see appears on your screen, including pins for restaurants, hotels, landmarks, and more. Because the app syncs with your location, you have access to reviews on Yelp and mentions on social media about the location from friends who have visited previously. As the title suggests, you can also find out more information via Wikipedia. Available at the App Store & Google Play.

  2. City Maps 2Go Offline Maps – One of the biggest issues with some map and GPS apps is that many need Wi-Fi to operate, or they will use up a chunk of your roaming data. The title of this app says it all – you can download current maps before your trip so they’re available even when offline. The free version provides just a few basic maps, so paying for the complete app gives you the full capability, plus added features like GPS and location pins of restaurants, hotels, and so on. Available at the App Store & Google Play.

  3. The Converted by Ideon – Though relatively new, The Converted by Ideon is perfect in its perceived simplicity. The conversion app will help you with currency, temperature, and the miles-to-metric conundrum. The interface is clean, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed with unnecessary options. Available at the App Store & Google Play.

  4. Photosynth – Another app that’s been available for a while, Photosynth stands above the countless other picture apps on the market by providing the ability to take 360-degree view images. You can pull together pictures from multiple viewpoints and mesh them together to create a complete visual experience. Available at the App Store.

  5. iStone – Many language apps get bogged down by trying to be too comprehensive. iStone is great because it’s designed for the average person who wants to communicate on a basic level. iStone’s bread and butter is practical, useful phrases – translated into 12 languages – that can help you get the information you need quickly. Available at the App Store.

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