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Top 5 Ladies-Only Trips

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Top 5 Ladies-Only Trips

You love your family but sometimes you just need to get away and spend time with your girlfriends. Give the kids a hug, your partner a smooch, and head out for one of these 5 re-energizing and rejuvenating ladies-only trips:

  1. The Wine Trip – Wineries have popped up all over the world, from Monterey, to New Zealand, to the French countryside. Several hundred exist in Oregon alone. Hop on a flight, grab a rental car, and make your way down some of these delicious wine trails.

  2. The Beach Trip – Nothing like a little fun in the sun. If the winter blues are knocking you down, head south to Florida. Rent a condo, put on the sunscreen, and settle in for some warm rays. And because the weather is nice, you can enjoy plenty of other outdoor fun, like biking or volleyball. At night, check out the local restaurants, have a drink, and dig into that book you’ve been putting off.

  3. The Shopping Trip – Collect the girls and treat yourself to some retail therapy. The destination preference is yours. New York, Chicago, Paris, Montreal – pick a city, slip on some comfortable shoes, and have fun.

  4. The Cooking Trip – Many women have an extensive list of recipes they want to try. The problem is finding the time to make them. A cooking trip with your friends gives you the chance to try your hand in the kitchen without the clock always ticking behind you. If there’s a specific type of cuisine you want to master, pick a destination where you can tap into the region’s expertise. When you return home, you can impress your friends and family with your new culinary skills.

  5. Vegas, Baby – The guys aren’t the only ones who love to spend time in the desert. Grab your girls and head to Vegas. Great food, amazing pools, astounding shows – the choices are up to you.

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