Top Jobs for Couples Abroad

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Have you ever thought about leaving your 9 to 5 to take off and explore the world with your significant other? In the United States, there are very limited opportunities for couples wanting to work side by side, but there are many opportunities overseas designed specifically for couples wishing to work together.

Working together can be a rewarding experience for couples, especially for those who are used to being apart. Working couples might also save money in transportation, and resources. If you and your significant other have decided to work and live abroad, we have a list of common jobs for couples abroad and helpful resources:

Common Jobs for Couples Abroad

English Teaching Programs

As recommended by the United Nations, English teaching programs are the most common jobs for couples abroad. These jobs are typically a one year engagement in an undeveloped country in exchange for pay and living expenses, but some metropolitan areas offer a more competitive career path. Programs to consider include:

Hospitality Management

International restaurants, hostels, and hotels are common businesses that offer opportunities for couples to work together. Such jobs include hotel managers, innkeepers, kitchen and chef staff, host/hostess, customer service, and maintenance/janitorial services. The working couples website is a great place to look for open positions.

Au Pair, Housekeeping, and House Management

If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse of the life of the luxurious, these positions could be your chance. An au pair is a live-in nanny, so if you love children this would be the perfect job to consider. Women are typically chosen for these roles, but jobs who specifically request couples often include requests for housekeepers, drivers, or house managers.,,, and are great resources for these positions.

Agriculture Work

If you’re not afraid of getting a little dirty, there are many opportunities for couples abroad in agricultural work. If you’re a couple that’s really into green living, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOF) offers great jobs for people who wish to do organic farm work around the world. WOOFing jobs are typically volunteer opportunities, but some do pay or offer room and board.

An extension of WOOFing agriculture is the vineyard business. Many couples travel the world for opportunities to work in some of world’s most famous vineyards.

Volunteer Work

If you can afford it, volunteer opportunities are probably some of the most common jobs for couples abroad. In programs such as the Peace Corps, volunteers may not get paid, but they do receive free room and board, and student loan deferment. Another well-known volunteer position is an International Aid Worker who helps undeveloped countries.

Small Business

Starting a small business as a couple is an alternative to traditional job searches abroad. Small shops and boutiques are popular options for couples abroad. However, with the advancement of technology, business ideas are endless. With the proper research, business licenses, and capital, you could be on your way to the next big international product or service. Best of all you get to set your own hours and build something you’re passionate about with the person you love!

Top 5 Countries to Live and Work Abroad

If you’re ready to jumpstart your research into the best job opportunities for you and your significant other, we’ve got a list of the some of the top 5 countries to live and work abroad.

  1. Switzerland: With dreamy landscapes and some of the greatest healthcare in the world, Switzerland is a prime destination for couples looking to work abroad. Though the cost of living is high, and the job market for foreigners is small, if you put in the effort and time to research one of the jobs described above, you will be sure to find a job that can maintain your new lifestyle.
  2. New Zealand: Known for having some of the world’s most famous wineries, New Zealand is the perfect spot to start your WOOFing adventures.
  3. Spain: Spain has become a premier place for Americans to teach English, employing more than 1,000 each year.
  4. Singapore: As one of the world’s leading financial centers, Singapore is a prime destination for couples looking into small business startups.
  5. China (Hong Kong): If you and your significant other are looking to get into a more competitive job market, Hong Kong is the place to go.

No matter where you choose to live abroad, make sure you research your options, obtain or update passports, and brush up on the country’s culture to familiarize yourself with your destination. Knowing what to expect when it comes to everything from the country’s laws and legal system to the weather can help ensure you and your significant other have a smooth and easy transition abroad.

While there is adventure and risk involved, finding jobs for couples abroad with your significant other has the possibility to bring life-long enjoyment and rewards. Take the time to carefully consider what such a move will mean to you, and if you can support your decisions. Hopefully these suggestions will set you on the path to happiness!

Check out these job resources for working abroad in Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, and China


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