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Top Travel Websites to Get the Best Deals

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Top Travel Websites to Get the Best Deals

The Internet has no shortage of travel websites. The key when searching the numerous options is to maximize your time while digging up the best deals. To assist you in that endeavor, try the following top travel websites as the first phase of your search.

This site is the ultimate time-saver. SmarterTravel takes your specifications and searches other sites, aggregating everything that is a match. The information that is pulled enables you to compare the different options. One click later, you are on the vendor site and ready to make your reservations. SmarterTravel is extremely simple and very effective.

Have you ever noticed all the empty seats on some flights? AirGorilla steps in purchases many of these seats in bulk from the airlines and then offers them at steep discounts. The site follows the same formula for packages, picking up all-inclusive resort and cruise ship offers. The site is well established (it’s been around longer than Expedia), and the deals are solid.

Kayak is often referred to as the Google of travel sites. The site is a search engine, picking the Internet for the deals that meet your criteria. No reservations are made on the site. After finding a deal that looks good, Kayak directs you to the site to complete the purchase.

Still the gold star for travel websites, Expedia has everything you need to book a quality trip. The site layout is appealing, the deals are legitimate, the customer service is good, and you have access to a wealth of information.

Another site that searches the Internet for the best deals. The key with Travelzoo is to sign up for their weekly Top 20 email newsletter. The newsletter points out deals that are almost impossible to pass up.

You can choose from many other sites, including Travelocity, Priceline, and Orbitz, but the five travel websites listed above will get you off to a great start.

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