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Travel Blogs That Help You Enjoy the World from Your Computer

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Travel Blogs That Help You Enjoy the World from Your Computer

Thanks to the selection of blogs available, there are plenty of temptations to whet a daydreamer’s appetite. Regularly updated travel blogs provide consistent stimulation for those who may wish they were traveling the globe. Whatever the reason for a person’s curiosity, travel blogs can be informative and rich with the flavors found in other parts of the world.

Intelligent Travel

The National Geographic Society has earned a sterling reputation since its founding in 1888 for inspiring wonder in people about the richness and variety contained in the wider world. The Intelligent Travel blog, written by the staff of National Geographic, is dedicated to covering authentic culture and sustainable tourism. Regular updates cover a range of topics in the accessible and thorough manner for which National Geographic is famous. Articles run from general to the specific. A regular feature is called Radar, a collection of links to other, current articles that describe a particular destination.

Tony Wheeler’s Blog

Tony Wheeler’s Blog is simply written by one of the co-founders of Lonely Planet, the travel guide company that details the terrain in remote areas of the globe. Wheeler founded his company after spending years as an inveterate wanderer. He brings a perspective to travel that is more than slick advertising. His knowledge of the areas he writes about is exhaustive and eccentric. He relates past experiences while discussing the details of whatever topic has caught his fancy. His essays are as wide-ranging as his travels, and he uses the information in Lonely Planet’s archives to add insight and depth to his travel blog.

In Transit

A blog that is part of the New York Times and billed as A Guide to Intelligent Travel. One aspect of In Transit is its popular Globespotters series. Ten world cities are featured on a regular basis. Seven of these are in Europe, but Istanbul, Hong Kong and Mumbai are also covered regularly. Current cultural events and facilities are explored and described. While a traveler may not be en route to Paris or to Prague, Globespotters offers insight into one approach on how to enjoy the most that an urban area has to offer.

TSA Blog

Getting to an overseas destination involves taking transportation. To be current on developments on the U.S. government’s ongoing efforts to make travel safe, the TSA Blog provides a wealth of information that explains the Transportation Security Administration’s policies and the rationale behind them. This blog is not a dry, government document packed with legalese. It is a straightforward, easy-to-read communication of current thinking about air travel, ports and trains that is recommended for people concerned about terrorism prevention. We regularly read this blog to keep up-to-date with topics that may impact our travel medical insurance customers.


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