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Travel Overseas Checklist: 7 Tips for Safe Travel Overseas

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Travel Overseas Checklist: 7 Tips for Safe Travel Overseas

Traveling overseas can be exciting and fun. It also can be filled with problems. As you plan your trip, make sure you are aware of potential problems and add these recommendations to your travel overseas checklist:

Travel Overseas Checklist: Before You Depart

Advance reconnaissance: Visit the U.S. Department of State’s website to determine any travel benefits, or restrictions. Depending on any warnings and the nature thereof, you may want to reroute your trip or take extra precautions. Also, sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program so you can receive periodic updates before your trip.

Health assessment: Before you travel may be a good time to have a wellness check. Check the Centers for Disease Control website to determine whether there are any health considerations or required pre-travel shots or treatments. Make sure you have all your medications in their original containers and labeled with the proper prescription information to ease your way through airport security.

Emergency information: Leave an itinerary, emergency numbers and a copy of your passport data page with a trusted family member or friend so you can be reached, if necessary. While away, make sure you carry your passport and emergency numbers with you at all times. Resist the urge to share your absence and itinerary with all your Facebook friends.

Insurance: Illness and injury don’t discriminate when it comes to geography. However, your health insurance company may not cover you outside your home country. Make sure you take out a travel medical insurance policy to cover any treatment needs, and that allows you to be transported for treatment, if necessary.

Travel Overseas Checklist: While You Are Away

Your arrival: Try not to arrive to your destination late at night, and take a cab service provided by or recommended by your hotel.

Stick to your original plan: A cab driver or other person you meet may try to tempt you with cheaper accommodations at another hotel, but once you abandon the itinerary you left behind, you will be more difficult to locate — and perhaps help.

Avoid crime: You may feel prettier, but it is best to leave expensive jewelry at home so you do not attract the attention of criminals. If you are carrying valuables, keep them hidden.


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