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Trip Accidents: South America Trip Accidents Infographic

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Trip Accidents: South America Trip Accidents Infographic

From the picturesque beaches of Venezuela to the snow-capped summits of Chile, South America holds some of the most beautiful locations in the world and attracts visitors from around the world. Whatever your escapades throughout the continent, whether it’s reading Borges in his hometown of Buenos Aires or racing llamas through Peru, keep in mind that trip accidents may happen.

Getting travel insurance can help in the long run if you happen to catch a soccer ball to the face during a Brazil match. This infographic gives you an idea of how much trip accidents abroad could cost you without insurance. Before going south of the equator, check into your insurance options, and try not to get too crazy with your tango moves.

south america trip accidents
Infographic Brought to you by: HCCMIS & Atlas Travel Insurance.


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