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Types of Missionary Trips

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Types of Missionary Trips

Missionary trips can take you almost anywhere in the world. Before you decide where you want to go for your big service experience, you should consider the kind of work you want to do. Different locations offer different types of experiences. Take a look at these types of missionary trips and find one that is right for you.


Many countries around the world offer the opportunity to help build new schools and churches. Other countries need help rebuilding their towns and cities. A majority of these construction type mission trips take place in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Teaching/Child Care

Most of the countries around the world that open their borders to missionaries allow for teaching and/or childcare opportunities. These opportunities could be anything from teaching in a school to helping out at an orphanage facility. In some of the schools you might even have the opportunity to write your own lesson plans!


If you are a doctor, nurse, or studying to become a doctor or nurse, then you might want to consider a medical mission trip. These trips are a great way to gain practical experience, work on your medical skills, and make a difference in someone’s life! These trips take place all over the world including South America, Africa, and Haiti.


In South and Central America have been recognizing the significance of beaches, rain forests, and mountain areas. New national parks and conservation acts have allowed these countries to open their doors to volunteers. If you enjoy ecotourism, nature, and conservation, then you might consider traveling to Central or South America to help save the planet!

Missionary trips happen all over the world, but you need to consider what service(s) you are most passionate about before you decide where you are going. Just because a certain place interests you does not mean you should go there. You may not be happy doing a mission service that does not interest you.


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