Visiting India: Where To Go and What To Do

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Taking the opportunity to visit India is both rewarding and incredible. Not only is it a chance to see and experience new things, but it provides you with a chance to see a new culture firsthand. India truly is a unique country with a rich history that has something to offer everyone who visits. Whether you like adventure, relaxation, or a combination of the two, you will be able to find something to satisfy your traveling desires.

One of the most difficult things about visiting India is creating an itinerary. India is vast and full of incredible sights, people, foods, and history; how do you decide where to go? With such diversity, your decisions are almost limitless. However, you will want to create a plan before you leave home so that you can make the most of your time in India.

Which Cities to Stay In

Every trip needs a starting point, and every trip needs destinations. If you are going to visit India for more than a few days, you most likely will want to travel around the country, which means staying in multiple cities. But which cities do you choose? To help, here are a few cities that are excellent destinations:

New Delhi: New Delhi is the capital of India, and like all capital cities, you can expect a great amount of diversity. Full of rich history, the buildings and landscape provide an excellent contrast of old and new. You can expect to see architecture in the same vein as the Taj Mahal. Like other major cities around the world, you can expect chaotic traffic that will most likely keep you walking on foot.

Varanasi: Known as the City of Temples, Varanasi is revered as a sacred city by Hindus, Buddhists, and Jainists. Writers consider it a city of high culture and as a source of inspiration. Varanasi is also home to some of the country’s best silk weaving, so this would be a good place to pick up a souvenir.

Mumbai: Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai may be one of the most modern cities in India, though it may not strike you as modern. You may be expecting overcrowded streets and unwelcoming people. However, Mumbai is full of old-world charm heavily influenced by vestiges of its colonial past.

I want to... watch the sun set over the lake every night for the rest of my life.

Udaipur: This city is unlike many cities in India. It provides travelers and locals with a charm that seems to hold them captive. “This is a fairytale city if I’ve ever seen one. I want to eat Indian food at cozy rooftop restaurants and watch the sun set over the lake every night for the rest of my life,” says Some Sojourns.

Goa: If you are looking for a more traditional tourist destination, then Goa is most likely the place for you. It is full of great activities and, even better, is home to many beaches. You can find carnivals and water sports galore here.

What to Do

The other problem you face before you leave home is deciding what to do while you are in India. Sure exploring cities is fun, but India has a lot of things to offer you in the realm of entertainment. Here are a few things you may want to consider as you are planning your trip:

Taj Mahal:Sure, everyone visits the Taj Mahal when they travel to India, but there is a reason. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century and is considered the best example of Mughal architecture.

Kanha National Park: If you have always dreamed of the world that Rudyard Kipling created in The Jungle Book, then this is your chance to turn that dream to a reality. The Kanha National Park is actually the inspiration behind the book.

Camel Trekking: It may sound odd, but many visitors to India enjoy camel treks through the Indian Desert. You can also take elephant tours that allow you to ride on the back of an elephant.

Tea Plantations: Even if you do not enjoy a cup of tea, visiting a plantation is a fun experience. Many of them provide tours and cafes where you can try different teas grown on the plantation.

Visiting India can be an incredible experience, especially if you plan your trip and know what to expect. Once you have settled on your itinerary, be a savvy traveler and share your plans with a friend or family member, so they know where you’ll be. After you’ve taken care of the planning, hop on the plane, and have fun!

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