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When Using a Travel Agent is Better Than Planning Your Own Trip

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When Using a Travel Agent is Better Than Planning Your Own Trip

Travel agents once held the keys to the vacation kingdom. But the rise of the internet and the subsequent prevalence of online travel sites has led many to forsake using travel agents altogether. Despite the DIY turn of vacation planning, there are still several occasions when using a travel agent makes sense.

  1. Uncertainty: It’s one thing to buy tickets, rent a car, and stay in a hotel. Those steps have become simple exercises in reading reviews, filling out online forms, and clicking a few buttons. If you’re heading somewhere less familiar, however, you may want to rely on the expertise a travel agent can provide. Package trips, especially, are where agents can pull pieces together and deliver an itinerary far easier than you could do on your own. For vacations like cruises, jaunts to Disney World, or multi-week safaris, a travel agent can be beneficial.

  2. The Details: Some people want to plan a trip but don’t have the time to ensure all the smaller moving pieces line up. A travel agent can take care of those aspects and then deliver a full dossier to you. You’re still responsible for preparation steps, such as ensuring your passport is current and kenneling your dog, but your agent can check off the little travel-related things. What’s the value of your time?

  3. Cost: Did you know most travel companies pay the agent’s commission? The belief that you, as a consumer, are paying more to cover the work of the travel agent is incorrect. Knowing that the cost of doing it on your own versus using an agent is essentially the same, it makes sense to sometimes see what an agent can offer. Perhaps surprisingly, they can often save you money through discounts and rebates you may not know about. An agent can also advise you on the best times of year to travel to certain destinations to get the largest discount.

Whether you’re using a travel agent or planning a trip yourself, you should give some thought to travel medical coverage so that you’re protected if an emergency should arise. Download our free Atlas Travel brochure to read about:

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