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Where to Travel in March

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Where to Travel in March

Traveling in March may seem like an odd time to vacation, but in reality there are many unique events that make it a great time to go, especially if the weather in your area is getting you down. From festivals to nature spectacles, as well as off-season bargains, a March vacation can be the experience of a lifetime.

Dublin, Ireland

If we’re talking about festivals, the St. Patrick’s Festival is one of the best reasons to visit Ireland in March. This takes place around March 17th, and attracts over 675,000 people every year. While the streets may be crowded, the celebrations are unparalleled. There are parades, music, performances,  and plenty to eat and drink. If the crowded streets of Dublin seem a little intimidating, why not visit Armagh?  This city is known as the City of St. Patrick and has many beautiful churches named after the saint. Armagh boasts a week-long festival, so be sure to check it out. Wherever you end up going in Ireland, don’t forget to pack plenty of green clothing!

Savannah, Georgia

Looking for something a little closer to home? The city of Savannah, Georgia, hosts an excellent St. Patrick’s Festival of their own. This includes the ‘second largest parade in the world,’ a wonderful alternative to an expensive Ireland vacation. An important thing to consider is booking accommodations early to reserve your spot. If festivities aren’t your speed, traveling to Savannah in the latter half of March is also a great idea. There is an extensive historic district, as well as great nightlife. The weather is usually around 70°F in March, and the azaleas will be blooming. Just be sure to book in advance so you don’t miss this great opportunity.


Traveling to Belize in March is a great option if packed festivals and tourists aren’t for you. During March, the rains are infrequent and the temperatures are rising. An added bonus is that English is the official language of Belize, so no need to worry about communication! This month is also during the off-season of tourism, so you can experience the attractions at lower costs and without crowding. For your hotel, Belize boasts many private luxury resorts that provide a sanctuary in the exotic landscape. For day trips, be sure to visit Xunantunich and Caracol, two of the Mayan ruins that are spectacular sights. Another unique experience is the Belize Zoo, which boasts many exotic animals. Belize also has opportunities for scuba diving, jungle exploration, caving, and hiking for the more active visitor.  Belize is an inexpensive and fun way to make vacation memories.

Baja California Sur, Mexico

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Try booking a whale-watching trip in Baja California. March is during the peak season for grey whales that migrate down the coast of Mexico. The weather is a balmy 80°F on average with about 8 hours of sunshine each day, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Magdalena Bay in Port San Carlos is a must-see, as this is where the grey whales meet to court, mate, give birth, and frolic in the blue waters. There are many companies that arrange tours, or you can try it on your own. Either way, the great migration of the grey whales is not to be missed when planning your travels in March.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Warm weather and walking tours make New Orleans a wonderful place to visit in March. While the city has a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the rest of the month is a great time to visit, too. This is between Mardi Gras and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, so the city may be slightly less crowded than normal. However, err on the safe side and be sure to book your hotel in advance. There are many historic places to see in New Orleans, as well as many culinary treats to indulge in.

Hirosaki, Japan

March is the beginning of spring! The cherry blossoms of Japan are the perfect way to usher in the warm season. Hirosaki has one of the most famous festivals and draws tourists from far and near. This city is also a castle town, and the former castle site is a major landmark in the center of the town. There are many hotels that are used to catering to tourists, so don’t let the language barrier intimidate you. A day trip worth taking is to Mount Yoshino-yama in the park province. The mountain is one of the best viewing places in Japan with over 30,000 cherry trees covering its slopes. Hiking in the cherry blossoms of spring makes March the perfect time to visit this amazing location. 


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