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Where to Travel in November

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Where to Travel in November

November is one of the best fall months of the year to travel. Whether you are looking to take your family somewhere for Thanksgiving or simply looking for a weekend retreat, there are plenty of places for you to visit. Many people prefer to take trips over the summer or extended winter breaks, so traveling in November often means places are less crowded and prices tend to be a little cheaper, unless you are traveling over the holiday weekend. Here are a few great places to travel to in November:

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you enjoy sitting in front of a fire, visiting quaint shops, hiking, and staying indoors, then Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the place for you. Set in the beautiful Smokey Mountains, Gatlinburg is a small city that is close to the Smokey Mountain National Park, Pigeon Forge (a great place for shopping), and great hiking locations. Be prepared for colder weather and even some snow!

San Diego, California

Known to have one of the world’s best zoos, there is so much more to do in sunny San Diego, California! Beaches, art, spas, theatre, dinning, and shopping are just the begging when it comes to San Diego. If you are looking for a warm and breezy getaway for November, then you should consider traveling to San Diego.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Who doesn’t dream of a trip to Hawaii? November is a perfect time to take that dream vacation to the island of Oahu or one of Hawaii’s other islands. This is a trip that anyone would remember. If you enjoy history, hiking, relaxing, surfing, or basically any thing else outdoors, then this is the trip for you. Before you decide which island you want to visit, think about the things you want to do because each island has unique things to offer everyone!

Cancun, Mexico

Known as one of the biggest spring break and cruise destinations, Cancun is somewhere that is enjoyable year round. Visiting the pristine beaches, snorkeling, and zip lining are just a few of the amazing activities that Cancun has to offer. If big crowds have kept you away from this Mexican oasis, you can expect fewer people during the month of November.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is one of the US’ major attraction cities. With theme parks, water parks, golf, and shopping, everyone in the family is sure to find something to do. If you enjoy theme parks or water parks, then you can expect shorter lines and you may be able to find some great deals! Orland is also home to a host of other outdoor activities like zip lining, airboat rides, and boating.

Deciding where to travel in November does not need to be a difficult decision. If you have trouble deciding where to go, then consider what type of weather you would enjoy and what activities you want to do.


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