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While life in Indiana may be cheaper than some other states like New York or California, you will find that work and study in Indiana may still be costly. Whether you need to pay rent, tuition, or other bills; you may find that having a job is a great solution.

Not only can you earn spending money, you also may make connections that could help you land a job. It is no secret that studying abroad looks great on your resume, but studying and working abroad could look even better.

Finding A Place to Study

There are plenty of choices available for those looking to work and study in Indiana. As you begin searching for an ideal place to study, here are a few things you should consider:

Location: Indiana is a state full of rich history and provides students some great places to live and visit. But you need to choose a location that is going to fit with what you are looking for. There are several good-sized cities like: Indianapolis, Muncie, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, and South Bend that are all home to colleges and universities. If you’re looking for a more rural or small town setting in which to study, you can easily find a small college town that will provide you with what you are looking for.

Programs: You also need to make sure that the universities and colleges you are looking at provide you with a program you are interested in. If you are only spending a semester or a year abroad, make sure your credits transfer back to your home school.

Size: The universities and colleges in Indiana, like most places, vary in size, which means you should be able to find a campus where you will feel comfortable and offers a fit with your learning style. If you prefer large lecture halls, then Indiana or Purdue cold be a fit. If you are looking for a more personal setting, then you will be able to find that too in places like Ball State, DePauw or Wabash.

Faculty: Since you are going to have the opportunity to learn from professors that you would not normally have access to, you should do some research and find a school that has faculty members that are known in their field or that you would enjoy learning from. Every school and every faculty is a little different, so do some research and try to choose professors you think would be interesting.

Finding Work

Since you are an international student, you might think that finding work will be difficult, but in fact you should not have too much trouble at all. Students looking to work and study in Indiana can often find a job as long as they are willing to ask for help in searching. Here are some of the ways that you can find work while you study abroad:

Contact the School: Most campuses will help students find on-campus jobs like working in the cafeteria or cleaning classrooms. While these jobs may not be glamorous, they can help you make money and be something you can add to your resume. Before you leave home, contact the school and see what the process for finding an on-campus job is.

Ask Your Professors: If you are in contact with your professors or if your semester has already started, it may not hurt to ask your professors if they know of any open positions. They might be looking for assistants themselves, but if nothing else they may be able to introduce you to professionals that can help you find work or an internship.

Ask Local Businesses: You may not always enjoy your work as a college student, but local business like restaurants are usually willing to hire college workers. Again, this position may not be glamorous, but for your resume it will show that you are resourceful and do not have to rely on others to support you.


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