Omotenashi: Our Way of Life

What is Omotenashi?

Omotenashi is the Japanese principle of selfless hospitality and respectful service. It is an all encompassing philosophy that blends a welcoming atmosphere with warmth, understanding, and respect. It is really a way of life in Japanese culture.


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Omotenashi at Tokio Marine HCC - MIS Group

At Tokio Marine HCC, we are working to incorporate this principle into our daily operations. Our goal is to offer superior service to our customers and make sure they can always get the help and support they need. If you haven't received the help you need from us, please know that we sincerely apologize and we are working to get it right. We know it's easy to "talk to talk" but we want to make sure we "walk the walk" as well.

Here's how you can contact us if you need assistance:

Customer Support Line: 800-605-2282
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Our employees are committed to helping our customers through understanding and respect.We pride ourselves in offering the best specialty insurance products on the market, serving customers all over the world.


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