Recent Graduate Health Insurance

Please note, our Short Term Medical insurance is intended for temporary gaps in health insurance.  It is not compliant with the federal Affordable Care Act and does not cover expenses related to pre-existing conditions.

You are a recent graduate and are finally setting out on your own. That may mean moving to a new city, starting a new job, or finally leaving the comfort and security of mom and dad. In some cases, being a recent graduate may mean you are temporarily uninsured. If you find yourself without insurance for any reason, a short-term health insurance solution can help ease some of your burden. HCC Life Short Term Medical (HCC Life STM®) is recent graduate insurance that will keep you covered while you are starting your new life.

A report by the Commonwealth Fund showed that 34% of college graduates will spend some time in the year after graduation uninsured.

Affordable Graduate Health Insurance

Short Term Medical Insurance


Short term health insurance for temporary gaps in coverage.



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As a recent graduate, money may be a little tight and you might be looking to save a little money. Perhaps you are in good health, and you don’t think you should spend any money covering yourself with health insurance. This leaves you vulnerable to any accidents or sudden illnesses that might occur. The time is now to get the coverage you need for when the unforeseen happens.

HCC Life STM allows you to choose your deductible, coinsurance, maximum coverage amount, and the length of your coverage. The best part? You could get all of these great benefits for just dollars a day. There’s no reason to go without the medical coverage you need while you begin searching for a new career. The options that HCC Life STM offers will allow you to select the type of plan that’s right for you and for your wallet.

HCCMIS Makes Insurance Easy

If you have never been responsible for your own health insurance before, you might be a little overwhelmed by the idea of managing your account with your new insurance company. Customer needs are top priority at HCCMIS®, which is why we provide consumer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions about your domestic policy, including eligibility, coverage, claims, billing. To reach us call 1-866-400-2132 or email us at [email protected]

We also provide our clients with Client Zone, an online account management tool. With Client Zone you can resolve small issues and obtain claim assistance. Through Client Zone you can also:

Client Zone

  • Change personal information
  • Obtain details about claim filing
  • Access health and wellness information

We put the tools in your hands to make your insurance policy exactly what you want it to be. With HCCMIS, you don’t have to worry about how difficult it could be to get coverage. From quote to card, we make insurance easy.

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Fastest Growing Job Markets in the U.S.

Even though you now have a college degree, you might not know what you want to do with your life. The job market in the U.S. is ever changing, and demand for those jobs is on the rise. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of growing job markets to assist you in your job search.

Growing Job Markets

  • Home Health Aids- Home Health Aids are just one of the many growing jobs in the health industry with an expected 56% growth in the next four years,
  • Network Systems and Data Analyst- Computer technology has been vastly growing since the internet burst onto the scene, and people in the Network System and Data Analyst field can expect to see a growth of 55%.
  • Medical Assistants- With an increase of 52%, Medial Assistant positions will become more readily available in the next four years.
  • Physician Assistants- Not far behind other heath industry jobs, Physician Assistants will see an increase in growth of 50%.
  • Computer Software- Like other computer and technology jobs, Computer Software is expected to grow by 43%

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