Health Insurance Waiting Period

Please note, our Short Term Medical insurance is intended for temporary gaps in health insurance.  It is not compliant with the federal Affordable Care Act and does not cover expenses related to pre-existing conditions.

You just started a new job and you are excited about the new opportunities and possibilities it will provide. The only problem is your new insurance has not started yet, and the health insurance waiting period has left you temporarily without insurance. You know that going without medical insurance has the possibility of landing you with a mountain of medical related bills. Going without insurance could mean you are paying for doctor visits, hospital stays, and physical therapy all on your own. With HCC Life Short Term Medical (HCC Life STM), you can avoid being stuck with all those unwanted medical bills.

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Short Term Medical Insurance


Short term health insurance for temporary gaps in coverage.



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Easy to Apply

HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS®) has made it easy for customers to apply online. First, you will want to visit and receive your free quote. After you have reviewed your quote, the application processes will begin. Simply follow the on-screen steps to apply for HCC Life STM. You can complete your application at your own pace, and even return to finish the application at a later time. When you are finished, you can even print your ID cards instantly!

Get Coverage Quickly

With HCC Life STM, your health insurance waiting period will be significantly reduced. When you send in your enrollment forms online, by e-mail, or by fax, you will be covered starting at 12:01 am the day after your completed form is received, so long as you have provided payment. If you mail in your enrollment, your coverage will begin either on the postmark date, or at 12:01 am on the date requested on your enrollment form. Your effective coverage date must be within 45 days of the date you signed your enrollment form.

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Maximize Your Workspace

If you are starting at a new job, you will have some space of your own that needs your personal touch. Whether it’s a desk, or an office, or even your very own cubicle, it’s important that you make it your own. By taking some time to decorate and personalize your workspace, you add a sense of comfort that will make you work more efficiently and effectively.

Workplace Personalization

Personalization Explanation
Pictures No matter if you are in a cubicle or office, or if your desk stands alone, adding pictures to your work space will not only make it feel a little more like home for you, but will also give you something to talk about with your new coworkers.
Candy Jar By having a candy jar on your desk, you’ll be the most popular person in the office. There’s nothing better than free chocolate.
Plant Everyone enjoys a little greenery. By adding a small plant to your workspace (or several, if you have the room), you will help brighten your day and freshen the air around you.
Calendar Not only can you put work related events on a calendar, you can put personal things on a calendar as a reminder that work isn’t your life. Of course, your computer or phone likely already has a good calendar built-in, but do those calendars have cute pictures of puppies?
Quotes Adding quotes around your cubicle or office will help inspire you while you work, and also serve as conversation pieces.
Avoid Clutter They say that everybody has an organizational system that works for them, so you should make sure to find yours. Avoiding clutter will help you stay on top of your busy schedule.

In 2010, the U.S. market saw an increase of 1.1 million new jobs.

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