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In the excitement of preparing your high schooler to study abroad, you may feel a little anxious. This could be their first time living away from home for a long period of time, or you have some concerns regarding their chosen destination. In reality, you probably have a few looming “what if…” scenarios playing through your head, like:

  • What if my child becomes seriously ill and needs to be hospitalized?
  • What if my son or daughter has an accident playing an intramural sport?
  • What if my child is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack?

Whatever the case, one investment you can make to help protect your high schooler from the “what if’s” of their trip is study abroad medical insurance.

Why High School Study Abroad Medical Insurance?

There are many reasons why your high schooler will need study abroad medical insurance:

1. High school study abroad programs require students to possess medical insurance.

Students can either register for a predetermined insurance plan, or provide their own comparable medical coverage via waiver form. Students planning to waive a program’s mandatory insurance plan have the opportunity to seek other coverage options that align closer to their budget expectations. However, alternative travel medical plans must comply with the program’s health insurance requirements.

2. A domestic policy may not cover your child internationally.

It’s vital to check if your current health insurance plan extends across international borders. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to start searching for a policy that does. Some key benefits to consider for a study abroad medical insurance plan include:

  • An Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit for potentially life-threatening illnesses or injuries acquired while studying abroad. This will cover costs associated with transporting your child from a location with insufficient care to the nearest hospital that can provide medically necessary treatment.
  • A Sports and Activity benefit that can help reduce medical costs for treatment of injuries or illnesses resulting from a sanctioned intercollegiate, interscholastic, intramural, and club sports.
  • A Terrorism benefit in case your child sustains injuries and illnesses resulting from certain acts of terrorism, covering medical costs for necessary treatment.

3. Your child will need a student visa in order to study abroad.

While many countries do not require visa applicants to have a medical insurance plan in order attain a visa, some may ask applicants to provide proof of subsistence for food, accommodations, and medical costs incurred during the trip. For example, a travel medical policy, like StudentSecure®, can serve as proof of medical coverage.  

4. High school study abroad medical insurance can reduce costs for covered medical expenses during the trip.

Anything can happen while your child is thousands of miles away. Study abroad medical insurance can provide the coverage for treatment of unexpected, covered illnesses and injuries.

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What Type of Insurance is Right for My Child?

The insurance best fit for your child will depend on the amount of coverage you want as well as your budget. An elite plan will have a higher premium but will also provide a higher maximum coverage limit. Other plans will focus more on a balance between affordability and coverage limits.

StudentSecure offers four products, ranging from Elite to Smart (economical), to meet your child’s medical insurance needs. Each plan meets J-1 visas insurance requirements and can be used as proof of subsistence for F-1 visas in the United States (including OPT).

StudentSecure Plans

StudentSecure Elite: This plan provides the highest overall maximum medical benefit of $500,000 as well as the lowest deductible amount compared to the other StudentSecure products.

Learn more about StudentSecure Elite insurance.

StudentSecure Select: StudentSecure Select provides a $300,000 overall maximum per certificate period. For claims incurred outside the U.S., it features 100% coverage of eligible expenses (after the deductibles) to the overall maximum limit.

For claims incurred inside the U.S. and within the Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), it covers 100% of the next $5,000 following the deductible (100% thereafter, to the overall maximum limit). Claims incurred within the U.S. but outside the PPO are covered for 80% of the next $5,000 after the deductible. It also includes a $300,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit.

Learn more about StudentSecure Select insurance.

StudentSecure Budget: This budget-friendly plan features balanced coverage without the higher cost of a Select or Elite policy. StudentSecure Budget includes a $250,000 overall maximum coverage limit and a $250,000 Emergency Medical Evaluation benefit.

For claims incurred outside the U.S., 100% coverage for eligible expenses (after the deductible). For claims incurred inside the U.S. and within the PPO, 100% coverage after deductible to overall maximum. For claims incurred within the U.S. but outside the PPO, 80% coverage of the next $25,000 following the deductible (100% thereafter, to the overall maximum limit).

Learn more about StudentSecure Budget insurance.

StudentSecure Smart: StudentSecure Smart is designed for students searching for a more affordable medical insurance plan. It provides a $200,000 overall maximum coverage limit and 100% coverage of eligible expenses (after the deductible) for claims incurred outside the U.S.

Claims incurred within the U.S. and PPO also receive 100% coverage of eligible expenses after the deductible to overall maximum. Claims incurred within the U.S. but outside the PPO receive 80% coverage up to the maximum medical benefit. It also provides a $25,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit.

Learn more about StudentSecure Smart insurance.

If your child needs international medical insurance, but you’re not ready to commit to a policy, you can get a free StudentSecure quote to help figure the costs. You’ll be able to save your quote for a later date you’re ready to purchase.

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Resources for Your High Schooler

Before your child leaves for their study abroad adventure, make sure they check out these study abroad resources. They’ll gain a better understanding on how to prepare and what to expect while they’re in another country.

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