Top Jobs for Couples Abroad

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Having the chance to work with your significant other and explore the world is a special thing. For those couples who choose to work jobs for couples abroad, nothing could be more rewarding or beneficial for their relationship. The shared commitment to working hard and growing together can bring you and your loved one closer than ever before.

If you and your significant other have decided to look for employment in places other than your home country, you will want to choose a good fit. We’ve compiled this list of the top jobs for couples abroad to help you in your search:

Restaurant Management

Many restaurants- large and small- are constantly looking for efficient management teams abroad. Usually offering boarding near the restaurant, owner’s offer employment for couples as both chefs and management staff, preferring the powerful teamwork that goes along with working together in a relationship.

Vineyard Staff

For years, couples have traveled together to Marlborough, New Zealand, in order to work the world famous vineyards and wineries. One of the most culturally rewarding jobs for couples abroad, vineyard administration is a great way to learn a master craft together, and the price of living is relatively low. In addition, you will get plenty of vacation time to explore the beautiful beaches and jungles of New Zealand!

Teaching English

A long-time favorite, teaching English in another country is one of the jobs for couples abroad supported by the United Nations and other global outreach groups. Couples routinely spend one-year engagements teaching in impoverished or underdeveloped regions in exchange for adequate compensation or living expenses.

Small Business Management

Starting a small business with your significant other is an alternative to traditional job searches abroad. With the proper research, business licenses, and capital, you could be on your way to the next big international product or service company. Best of all, you get to create your own jobs for couples abroad and set your own hours!

While there is adventure and risk involved, finding jobs for couples abroad with your significant other has the possibility to bring life-long enjoyment and rewards. Take the time to carefully consider what such a move will mean to you, and if you can support your decisions. Hopefully these suggestions will set you on the path to happiness!


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