StudentSecure® Select Insurance

Who Needs International Student Health Insurance?

  • Full-time students/scholars
  • Foreign students studying in the US
  • US students studying abroad
  • F1 Visa holders

Almost everyone who is studying outside of his or her own country should have medical insurance. Most domestic insurance companies will not cover clients while traveling outside of their home country, or they have a large deductible for out of home country medical expenses. This can lead to high out-of-pocket costs for any medical emergencies. HCC Medical Insurance Services (HCCMIS®) provides StudentSecure Select insurance specifically for those who are studying abroad and need medical insurance. Buying international student health insurance like StudentSecure Select insurance is one of the best first steps you can take to ensure that unforeseen medical expenses don't sabotage your study-abroad experience.

StudentSecure study abroad insurance


International student insurance with a customized payment plan.



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What Is StudentSecure Select?

StudentSecure Select is international student insurance offered by HCCMIS for students traveling to the United States to study, U.S. citizens traveling abroad to study, and non-U.S. students studying internationally in the U.S. or elsewhere. StudentSecure Select is an international student insurance plan based on enrollment in school or full-time research hours, so you can maintain coverage for the time you are enrolled in a study abroad program, enrolled in an international university, or participating in a research program overseas.

If you are planning to study abroad, there are a lot of things you must consider. You have to choose what you want to study, where you want to study it, how you want to get where you are going, and how long you want to stay. Have you considered that many student visas, colleges, and universities require you to have medical insurance while you are in school or enrolled in an educational program? In addition to filling this requirement, having international student insurance can bring you peace of mind as you continue your pursuit of knowledge in a different country.

StudentSecure Select Insurance

Insurance Benefits Description
Monthly Payment Option Yes: Coverage can be purchased in monthly increments.
International Network of Providers Yes: Online searchable provider list with participating providers in more than 130 countries.
U.S. PPO Network Yes: Online searchable provider network with providers across the U.S.
Covers 100% in U.S. Yes: Eligible expenses within the PPO or at a Student Health Center are covered at 100% after the deductible; otherwise, after the deductible, 80% for the next $5,000, then 100% to the certificate maximum.
Covers at 100% outside the U.S Yes: Eligible expenses incurred outside the U.S. are covered at 100% after the deductible to the certificate maximum.
Covers Prescription Drugs Yes: Covered for eligible injuries and illnesses and subject to deductible and coinsurance.
Outpatient & Inpatient Mental Health Coverage Yes: Treatment of mental health conditions covered.
Covers Maternity & Newborn Care Yes: For pregnancy which occurs after the effective date of coverage. See the Description of Coverage for details.
Inpatient Hospitalization Yes: Covered for eligible injuries and illnesses
Intercollegiate, interscholastic, and intramural, or club sports covered Yes: $5,000 maximum per injury or illness for medical expenses are covered.
Emergency medical evacuation coverage Yes: Participant is covered up to $300,000 for emergency medical evacuation.
Repatriation of Remains Covered Yes: See the Description of Coverage for details.
Terrorism Coverage Yes: $50,000 maximum lifetime limit for eligible medical expenses.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage Yes: Benefit is not subject to deductible or coinsurance.
Insurance can also cover spouse and dependents Yes: Restrictions apply. See eligibility requirements in the Description of Coverage for details.
Home Country Coverage Yes: StudentSecure offers incidental home country coverage and a benefit period. See the Description of Coverage for details.
Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage Yes: Applies after 6 months of consecutive coverage. See the Description of Coverage for details.
Deductible Per Incident Yes. $25 in network, outside the U.S., or at a Student Health Center.

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What are the Benefits of StudentSecure Select?

  • Hospital room and board at an average semi-private rate
  • Coverage for organized sports injuries
  • Maternity care for a covered pregnancy
  • Emergency medical evacuation, which is required by many countries and academic institutions

Why Choose HCCMIS?

At HCCMIS, we offer 24/7 Customer Assistance at our World Service Center. Your time is important to us, so we want to be able to help you in any way we can. We can help you locate a doctor, learn about safety advisories, and access other important services.

Student Zone

The HCCMIS Student Zone allows you to set up an online account to manage your StudentSecure Select insurance policy. Using this account, you will be able to:

  • Renew or extend coverage
  • Reprint ID cards
  • Obtain details about claim filings and downloading forms
  • Pre-certify for certain medical procedures and hospitalizations
  • Locate providers within the PPO Network
  • Study destination weather and travel security information

Customer Service

If you need assistance during your international travel as a student, or if you need assistance with your application, don’t hesitate to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be there with your travel, insurance, and medical needs in any language. To contact our multilingual customer support team, simply:

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¹ Country limitations set by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury.

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