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What is Atlas Travel® Insurance?

Would you know what to do if you had a health problem or accident while traveling? Would you know where to get medical treatment? How would you explain what happened to you and what you need if you do not speak the language? How would you get the necessary treatment if you were in a foreign country and experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency? What if you experienced a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or kidnapping? Most of us do not account for an accident or illness when we are planning to travel, but an accident or illness can be life-altering because we are often under-prepared for medical problems while abroad. Fail to prepare for a medical emergency and more than just your trip could be ruined.

This insurance guide will help you understand how Atlas Travel insurance can help you prepare for medical costs that occur when you travel and understand what happens if you need medical care outside your home country. Atlas Travel is travel medical insurance, which offers worldwide health coverage and global access to physicians, clinics and hospitals. Atlas Travel offers international travel medical insurance for:

Atlas Travel Insurance

If your insurance policy does not cover you abroad, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a short-term policy that does. U.S. Department of State

Why Choose Atlas Travel Insurance?

You may enjoy traveling, but may not know that travel medical insurance is something that you need to factor into your travel preparations. Travel medical insurance is no longer an ancillary factor due to various travel risks. Today, the World Health Organization strongly recommends visitors and tourists obtain travel medical insurance as a matter of routine to protect themselves from the cost of medical care outside their home country.1

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Atlas Travel insurance is a travel medical plan and an excellent way to protect yourself against the high cost of medical treatment outside your home country. If you think you do not need Atlas Travel insurance as your travel medical insurance provider, consider asking:

Travel Insurance Questions

  • Can I afford to pay for medical treatment if an illness, accident or life-threatening medical emergency occurs?
  • Do I know enough about my destination to ensure I will get quality medical care if I need it?
  • Do I know how to make financial arrangements with an international hospital if I need medical treatment?
  • Can I communicate with the medical staff in my destination country if I need to give important information about my medical condition?
  • Do I know whom to contact if I need to be medically evacuated?
  • Can I afford to pay for medical evacuation?
  • Can I afford to make return emergency travel arrangements if there is damage to my house or a death in my family?
  • Can my family afford to transport my bodily remains according to my wishes and customs if I die while traveling?
  • Do I know how to handle a catastrophe like natural disaster, terrorist attack, or kidnapping on my own?

Unless you are able to answer ‘yes’ to each of the above questions, it is likely you need to consider Atlas Travel insurance as an option for your health insurance needs if you are leaving your home country. HCC Medical Insurance Services has the experience and expertise to handle each of the above situations to allow you to travel without excessive stress over the medical risks of traveling. Having travel medical insurance from HCC Medical Insurance Services will help you navigate or avoid complicated medical situations with hospital administrators in countries with which you have no familiarity. The Atlas Travel insurance plan, offered by HCC Medical Insurance Services, incorporates extensive travel medical benefits, outstanding customer service, and years of experience facilitating cross-border and international medical treatment for its clients.

What happens if you get sick overseas? Guarantee you have health coverage.

When is the Best Time to Buy Atlas Travel® Medical Insurance?

The best time to purchase Atlas Travel is anytime!

If you are a person who enjoys planning your travel, you can purchase Atlas Travel before your journey. If your travel plans change to different dates, you can email to change the effective dates of coverage of your policy any time before your policy effective date which you specified when you applied. You can cancel Atlas Travel insurance anytime for any reason before the effective date if you cancel your trip, as there is no cancellation penalty.

If you make last minute travel plans, you are not required to purchase Atlas Travel before you depart your home country unlike many competitors travel medical policies and traditional travel insurance. You can purchase at the airport or after you arrive at your destination and receive the same great travel medical coverage with Atlas Travel insurance! Atlas Travel is effective as of the date that you pay for and you are guaranteed coverage. This means you can purchase the policy online and receive instant confirmation and your insurance fulfillment documents to your email within minutes.

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1International Travel and Health 2010, World Health Organization.

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