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Finding the Best Study Abroad Program For You

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Finding the Best Study Abroad Program For You

After first deciding to study abroad, the next step might be one of the most exciting: choosing a destination. You may be lured by where your friends want to travel, but it’s important to choose a country that fits your academic needs and has a history and culture that interests you. Whether you’re studying biology, sociology, or art history, there’s a perfect fit out there for you. Unfortunately, the search can be tedious and a bit overwhelming. After all, the host country you choose could make or break your trip. 

1. Europe  (144,840)

With nearly 150,000 student visitors every year, Europe is by far the most popular destination for studying abroad. With a variety of historical sites and cultures as well as dozens of countries that are easy to travel to and from, Europe is a great place to get a diverse experience.

Art, Culture and Language

Try the United Kingdom! Students can visit the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and British Museum while visiting the birthplace of the most widely used language in the world.


Art History and Architecture


If you are interested in Renaissance art and culture, there’s no better place than Italy. With The Galleria Borghese and the Colosseum right at your fingertips, you will never run out of things to do. Not to mention the incredible cuisine!


Whether it is experiencing the art works of Picasso, learning the third most used language on Earth, or living the nightlife of Barcelona, Spain has everything a Sociology or Humanities major would be interested in. Roam the streets of La Rambla or visit Barcelona’s famous basilica Sagrada Familia on your semester abroad.

Politics and History spain facts

Many would consider France as the center of political thought and history. Moving from the “Sun King” Louis XIV to the influence of Voltaire, Rousseau and Napoleon, France is rich in political history. Visit one of the world’s largest museums in The Louvre or the Notre Dame Cathedral.

2. Latin America  (40,618)


Rounding in at about 40,000 students visiting from abroad each year, Latin America has a wide variety of Spanish speaking countries that would be a perfect destination for students who have already taken Spanish classes in college.


Mexico is an incredibly popular destination for students majoring in Spanish or simply looking to improve their Spanish language skills. Get real-life language experience with locals while visiting Teotihuacan, the home to many Mesoamerican pyramids.

suspension bridge

Home to some of the most diverse natural reserves on the planet, Costa Rica is a wonderful place to explore the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or study the Arenal Volcano.

Global Education

Experience the rich history of European and Mesoamerican traditions in the wonderful country of Argentina. One of the emerging political and economic forces in South America, Argentina is the perfect study abroad destination for students interested in Global Education. Visit Mataderos on Sundays to take in all that Argentinian culture has to offer and stop by the Plaza de Mayo, home to some of the most storied political gatherings.

3. Asia  (32,340)


Just below Latin America is Asia, with over 30,000 students studying abroad there each year. The world’s largest and most populated continent, Asia has impacted the Western world in many ways.

great wall of china
Urban Studies and Planning

Whether it’s the beautiful Hong Kong skyline or the historic Great Wall of China, China has always been known for its incredible urban planning background. Don’t forget the local Chinese cuisine! You won’t be eating your local Chinese take-out anymore.

International Business

Japan is one of the leaders in international business, so what better place to study abroad than the Land of the Rising Sun? Make sure to stop by the Tokyo Stock Exchange or Nishi-Shinjuku, home of the tallest buildings in Tokyo. 

International Development

India is home to some of the most innovative development ideas on the planet. Known for its diversity in economic standings throughout the country, India would be a great place to get hands-on experience with the struggles of being in the business world in a third world country. While there, stop by New Delhi to visit the National Gandhi Museum, a real treat for anyone interested in history.

4. Africa  (14,769)


Africa comes in fourth on the list with just about 15,000 students studying abroad there each year. With more unique and abstract study abroad opportunities, Africa is still a great destination for those looking to become more cultured in their knowledge.

cape malay

International Studies

South African politics is known around the world for its tribal and international politics. Anyone interested in studying international studies or politics would find a safe haven in South Africa. Cape Malay and Cape Flats are both great travel destinations that will immerse you in South African culture.


Rather than flipping through hundreds of pages of travel books, we have compiled everything for you right here with a Study Abroad Checklist with all of the tips you’ll need when preparing to study abroad. Read up and enjoy your trip!

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