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5 Lesser-Known Perks of Travel Medical Insurance

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5 Lesser-Known Perks of Travel Medical Insurance

The standard benefits and expectations of purchasing travel medical insurance are fairly easy to presume. Many policies come with coverage for accidents or hospitalizations that occur during international trips, a level of coverage for pre-existing conditions, and protection in case you need emergency evacuation. But some policies come with additional perks that make the decision to buy even more enticing. Below are 5 lesser-known perks to look for when shopping for travel medical insurance:

  1. Lost Checked Luggage – Your luggage has nothing to do with your physical health, but some policies add this perk to your coverage as a way to give you a little peace of mind by providing a minimum level of emergency protection to replace your clothing should your bags disappear. There are limits to the amount that’s covered, but if you do unfortunately lose your luggage while heading overseas, it’s nice to have this option in your back pocket.
  2. Trip Interruption – Suppose you’re traveling the French countryside with your family and you learn from your house-sitter that there’s been a major storm and your basement is now flooded, and a fallen tree has damaged the exterior of your home. You need to go home and take care of the damage but your spouse and your children want to continue the trip. Trip interruption coverage helps provide some reimbursement for travel expenses you would have to give up. Some trip interruption coverage will even cover costs of buying an unexpected ticket back home.
  3. Political Evacuation – Some of the most beautiful places on earth are also the most politically unstable. On the off chance you’re visiting a destination when upheaval occurs, your policy may offer coverage to take care of the costs and assist you in the event of evacuation.
  4. Return of Minor Children – Here’s the scenario: You’re visiting an international destination with your small child in tow when you suffer a health scare that requires hospitalization. The doctors say you’ll need to be monitored for at least a week, which will leave your child unattended. Return of Minor coverage ensures your dependent can get home safely.
  5. Passport Recovery – You’re down in Brazil for a week for an economic conference and one day you realize you’ve lost your passport. With this perk, you can receive help replacing your identification.

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