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Culinary Travel in New York City

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Culinary Travel in New York City

One of the best parts about taking a trip anywhere is exploring all of the delicious foods that location has to offer. Whether you are enjoying local delicacies or dining at the finest restaurants, the joy of culinary travel is something to which we can all relate. Undeniably, one of the food capitals of the U.S. is New York City. Appropriately nicknamed “The Big Apple” New York has much more to offer the veracious gourmand than just fresh produce.

Where does one even begin? Luckily, our friend Sara Croft from Solid Gold Eats took a food filled excursion to the city and has come back with some great recommendations. Here are her top four picks of NYC culinary treasures that are not to be missed.

1. Katz’s Deli

Katz’s Deli was my absolute favorite place. It’s the quintessential New York deli, where you’re rushed in and handed a ticket to order one of the giant sandwiches that are sure to fill you up after spending the day walking through the city streets. It’s packed with residents and tourists alike, all wanting their hefty corned beef on rye, like me. Of course when I said “no mustard” I got a raised eyebrow, but then I think the server must assume I am a tourist that just doesn’t how to do it the New York way. My piled-high sandwich was accompanied with a plate of perfect pickles. If I lived in the city, you’d have to pull me away from this place.

2. Pommes Frites

Who doesn’t imagine a dinner of French fries? I hesitantly entered Pommes Frites with a feeling that I’d need a pit stop on the way home for something else, as how in the world could French fries fill me up? Little did I know that I would be enjoying double-fried delicious French fries (or pommes frites, as they call them) in a large cone with three dipping sauces from which to choose. Parmesan peppercorn, Mexican ketchup and garlic aioli were my choices out of the over 2 dozen options. Pommes Frites has tables with holes so you can place the cone of fries in front of you, allowing your hands to be free for…

3. Murray’s Bagels

There are few things I crave more than a salt bagel with cream cheese. There’s only one place to get them in Indianapolis, but New York has more bagel places than anywhere I’ve been. My first official New York meal was this salt bagel from Murray’s Bagels. I could have gone all out with the lox and cream cheese, pickled herring or smoked salmon, but I stayed true to my traditional heart and bit into a bagel that tasted nothing like any bagel I’ve had before. This was the perfect New York breakfast.

4. Carmine’s Italian Restaurants

New York makes you hungry. Whether it was all of the walking we did, or just my hunger to try new things, my appetite was never fully satisfied. That is, until I walked into Carmine’s Italian Restaurant. This family style Italian food is served on giant plates and divvied up among your party. You must try the Caesar salad and the olive oil and garlic pasta. Buttery with huge cloves of roasted garlic, these delicious carbs will keep you going long into the night.

Bonus Tip:

When in New York, be curious. Don’t let small spaces trick you into thinking there’s nothing in that corner grocery store for you. Most places are small, so get used to it! I highly suggest visiting the Essex Street Market and the Chelsea Market, where you can purchase prepared foods or everything you need to create a meal at home (or in your hotel).

All of these restaurants are local treats, boasting a variety of delicious platters to try, but don't let this be an exhaustive list of restaurants to visit while in New York. One of the best aspects of Sara's trip is that she planned it according to her own tastes and her desire to try new things. Be sure to do the same! Create a unique culinary itinerary and explore New York, or any city, guided by your own taste buds and curiosity.

Check out Sara’s blog, Solid Gold Eats, for more of her culinary adventures and recipes!


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