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For many, a vacation is a time to kick back, relax, and enjoy spending time doing as little as possible. For others, the perfect vacation is an opportunity to go on physically grueling new adventures while exploring exciting locations, all the while being covered by travel sports insurance. If your definition of a perfect getaway falls into the latter category, the following sites are some of the best adventure travel buying guides .


The first word in travel information, Fodors offers a wealth of information about the travel adventure market. While the content on this site isn’t as specific as some of the other niche information sources, Fodors is still the most well-known name in the industry. A great starting point.


Billed as the complete online resource to the outside world, GORP provides information on all facets of adventure travel but with a focus on hiking and camping. GORP falls on the safer side of adventure travel.

Gordon’s Travel Guide

Timothy Gordon has spent several decades in the adventure travel industry. It’s his personal experiences that separate Gordon’s Travel Guide from some of the larger providers. His site is designed to encourage travelers to explore and embrace the many adventure options available.


Adventure travel doesn’t have to mean death defying. iExplore focuses on experiences for the entire family. Embracing the YOLO (you only live once) mantra, this site encourages vacationers to consider adventure options worldwide.

Your ideal vacation may include lying on a beach. But if kayaking down the Colorado river or exploring rainforests is more your speed, the sites above are some of the best adventure travel buying guides.

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