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Finding the Right Travel Websites

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Finding the Right Travel Websites

There are many travel websites on the Internet today. They all claim to provide the best deals on airfare, hotel accommodations and transportation. Are all travel websites created equally? Surely, some of the travel websites out there are more functional and more user friendly than others. Here are some reviews on popular travel websites:


With Expedia, you can search for flights, hotels, cars, activities, cruises and vacation packages. You can also combine flights with hotels, cars or a combination of all three. The site also has daily top deals and top deals for each search possibility. If you find a better price, Expedia will give you a refund and a $50 coupon.


Similar to Expedia in almost every way, Orbitz also allows you to name your own price and boasts no booking fees. Upon closer inspection, however, we found that booking fees do apply to orders that include hotels or multiple carriers.


Travelocity may not offer much more than the previous two websites, but the website is laid out very intelligently, making it is easier to navigate and help users understand deals better. Make sure you check out the Deals Tookit, which allows you to find the perfect deal multiple ways.


Kayak is unique in that it does the searching and comparing for you. Instead of going to 10 different travel websites to find the best deals, simply let Kayak search those sites for you. Input your travel information and Kayak gives you a side-by-side comparison of what the other travel websites offer.


Offering much the same services as the other travel websites, Priceline is known for the “Name Your Own Price” option. This option allows you to negotiate for a better price. You can also view the price of plane tickets if you were to change to a nearby airport. Check out the cities “Last Minute Pricebreaker Deals” for some great last minute savings.

At the end of the day, each site has its own strengths and will appeal to different users for different purposes. Don’t forget to be flexible when looking on these travel websites. Consider changing your travel dates, taking advantage of layovers and using new airlines, because these things can all lead to less expensive trips.

Which is your favorite, and why? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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