How To Fly With Cameras l Video

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Steven, avid photographer, recently met with us to share his tips on how to fly with cameras and camera equipment.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Steven Shattuck.

I’m a Videographer and Photographer working out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

If you’re planning on travelling with video equipment or photo equipment, the first thing you want to do is call the airline.

Find out what kind of bags you can bring, what any weight limits might be, what the size of the overhead compartment is, things like that so you don’t get caught with anything that you can’t travel with.

Only bring what you absolutely need for the trip and try to leave as much as you can at home so that you can get everything into the smallest bag possible.

The best thing to do is carry-on all of your equipment.

It’s never a good idea to check any bags because your equipment could get damaged, the airline doesn’t cover it with insurance and you can’t really secure it properly.

Always try to shoot for carrying-on your equipment.

If you have to check any equipment, make sure you put the non-essential accessories in there.

Your cables, anything that isn’t your lenses or your camera body.

The reason is, if it ends up getting lost maybe you can replace those things quickly and cheaply once you arrive at your destination.

You may even consider buying insurance for your equipment.

Sometimes your travel insurance company can handle it, even your homeowners policy may cover your items.

Insurance is pretty cheap, especially travel insurance, so check it out.

It’s probably worth the investment.

If you absolutely can’t carry-on your equipment, you may consider shipping your items to your destination so that they are there when you arrive.

So, it’s time to head back and you’ve taken all your photos, you’ve taken all your videos on your trip.

It’s a good idea to maybe upload all those things to a cloud service like Flikr or youTube before you go back on your departing flight.

That way, in case anything gets lost, you won’t lose all of your pictures and your footage.

If you can’t do that, it’s a good idea to keep any memory cards on your person at all times.

That way you won’t lose anything from the trip.


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