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Latest Travel Trends in the U.S.

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Latest Travel Trends in the U.S.

Travel trends change just as quickly as fashion trends, technology trends, and social trends. Just like leather goes in and out of style, our demand in vacation spots, such as Cancun, increases or decreases. One of the most prominent travel trends recognized in history is The Grand tour, which was the traditional trip of the young upper-class European. The Grand Tour (inspired by art, education, and religion) changed what traveling meant for a large demographic of people. The idea of traveling for the sake of curiosity and learning developed from this movement during the 17 th century. Between the 1700’s and 1830’s, The Grand Tour was a trendy art inspired trip that catered to the upper-class.  What inspires travelers today as art inspired traveler’s decades ago? Read up on the latest travel trend of the new day.

Trends Going Up

Cultural Trips

Cultural trips are a type of travel that focuses on experiencing life in a foreign country and/or culture. Cultural travelers have a desire to deeply experience the culture of another kind.  This type of travel involves a transformation in a way of life instead of simply traveling for exploration or discovery.  It gives the word “travel” a whole other meaning by providing a mental and emotional extension to the word that most are not familiar with today. This type of travel has grown the most in today’s world and is becoming a huge travel trend.


Most people that I know have been on not only one cruise, but two or three. Cruises have risen in popularity due to its value, convenience, food, and pampering within a given square footage. Once a cruise is experienced, it’s hard to find a more perfect vacation considering you barely have to walk half a mile to anything you might consider paradise. Multiple pool decks, bars, cigar lounges, casinos, theaters, gyms, spas, and even bowling allies could all be found on the same boat. It is a vacation that has an activity for everyone whether you are a teen or retired. The family friendly atmosphere is a huge factor in the growth of cruises popularity.

Island Escapes

Hawaii has been on the map for current travel trends for some time now, and is still on the rise for lovers in particular. Hawaii’s romantic appeal caters to those on their honeymoons, destination weddings, anniversary trips, and even more excuses that couples make to spend alone time with one another.   Travel trends in Hawaii are always changing, but it is very clear that it is a romantic paradise for most of their visitors today.

Trends Going Down

Theme park trips

One main reason that interest in theme parks is decreasing is that ticket prices are shooting through the roof. Theme parks such as Walt Disney World used to be a place for the lower to middle class America, and can now only be afforded by some middle-class, and mostly upper-class America. Disney World has a solid base of visitors who come every year, but is not attracting new visitors due to its higher prices. Other theme parks, such as Cedar Point, will always be a fun getaway for teens. Several times growing up I was asked to take a bus to Cedar Point with church groups and/or families, which are still very common today. Cedar Point used to be growing by the day, adding new rides and activities by the handful. The growth of amusement parks has come to a standstill, and so has the growth in the demand of their need from vacationers.

Lake trips

The outbound travel is obviously increasing, hence the growth in cultural trips, cruises, and island escapes, lake trips have been continually lacking attention.  American’s now-a-days are spending their Monday and large holiday getaways rather than smaller, closer getaways. In order to save money, American’s have been staying home and avoiding smaller more frequent vacations, more known as “staycation”.

Hiking Trips

Along with lake trips, hiking trips have decreases in interest, although will always have a steady hold on the travel community. It is also high risk, and could be very costly if someone were to come up with an injury. According to a current travel trend, Americans are staying safe and sane in their homes.

Other Trends

  • Mobile devices: 44 percent of U.S. travelers plan on using their mobile phone or smartphone more as a travel resource during trips in 2012.
  • Eco-friendly travel actions: Participating in a hotel's linen or towel re-use program - 71%
  • Sixty-eight percent plan to travel outside the U.S. in 2012 and among these globetrotters, 54 percent will visit Europe, 52 percent will go to a North American destination outside the U.S. (such as Canada or Mexico), and 12 percent will travel to Asia.
  • The top three international cities U.S. travelers plan to visit are Paris, London and Rome.
  • The top three U.S. cities for 2012 are New York City, Las Vegas and San Francisco.






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