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Preparing Your Home For Vacation

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Preparing Your Home For Vacation

Your bags are packed, flights are booked, and you are ready for vacation. But, before you leave home and start enjoying yourself, have you thought about preparing your home for vacation? You may not have considered it before, but you really do need to take time to prepare your house for your absence. Below are a few tips and actions to take before leaving for vacation.

Set the Temperature

Whether it is winter, summer, or somewhere in between, setting the temperature of your house can mean the difference of coming home to busted pipes or sweltering heat. Since you are not going to actually be there, you might be tempted to turn the heat or the air conditioning down really low, but that can be a mistake. If it is winter, you want to make sure that you leave your house warm enough that your pipes will not freeze and then burst. If it is summer, you do not necessarily need to be as concerned, but you also do not want to return home to find your house or apartment to be unbearably hot.


You may not be motivated to clean your house right before you leave for vacation, but cleaning before your trip will allow you to come home to a clean house. When you return home, most likely you will not want to clean up tossed-off shoes, wash any dishes, or organize bills and paperwork. By taking care of the cleaning before you leave home, you will be able to come home and relax before diving back into the full swing of things.

Double Check Your Locks

As you are leaving your house, make sure that all of your doors and windows are locked. The last thing you want to experience when returning home is finding out that your house has been broken into and some of your most valuable processions are missing. In fact, it may be a great idea to check all of your locks a few days before actually leaving, so that you have time to replace any locks that may not be functioning properly.

Throw Out Food

Something else you want to consider before leaving for your trip is to go through your fridge, freezer, and pantry and throw out any food that may go bad while you are away. Mostly, get rid of produce and dairy based products that have expiration dates on them. Be sure that you check everything that has the potential to smell or produce mold while you are away. Jolie Kerr, a writer for The Hairpin, says, “If you’ll be gone for more than a week, throw everything remotely perishable out. If your trip takes you out of town for less than a week, use your best judgment about tossing stuff.” If you do not throw out these foods, you risk returning to a house that reeks as a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This would not be a pleasant welcome home!

Purchase Timers for Your Lights

Something else to consider is purchasing timers for your indoor lights. By setting up lights to be turned on at night while you are gone, you may help discourage potential break-ins. Light timers can be fairly inexpensive and can last a long time.

Set Your Security Alarm

The last action you should do as you walk out of your house is to set the security alarm. If you do not have an alarm, then skip this step, but for those that do have an alarm, this could be the last defense between your home and a robbery. While it will not necessarily happen, your house is much more vulnerable to a robbery while you are on vacation, so you should take every precaution possible.

What other steps or advice do you have for people preparing their house before traveling on vacation? Share your thougths with us on Twitter! @HCCMIS


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