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Short Term Mission Trips Around the World

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Short Term Mission Trips Around the World

You cannot be away from work, school, or family very long, but you still want to go on a mission trip. That is no problem because many mission trip organizations offer short term mission trips for people just like you! By taking a quick trip, you are able to travel, serve, and help people and communities. Just because you cannot spend months abroad serving others does not mean you cannot make an impact.

Check out these five locations for short term mission trips around the world for a starting point in your planning process:


Thailand is a beautiful country with amazing beaches and jungles. If you want to make a difference in the ever-growing problem of human trafficking, then this might just be a great place for you. Adventures in Missions offer adult women the opportunity to provide aid to women in Thailand.


Do you have a love for baseball and teaching children? Then OM International’s one-week baseball camp opportunity may just be perfect for you. You will get to travel to Hungary, work with children, and play baseball for an entire week.


Maybe you still have not decided what type of service you want to do. That is okay because organizations like STEM International allow you to travel to Brazil where you can serve in a variety of capacities. With STEM you can be gone for one, two, or three week periods helping full time missionaries, teaching sports, interacting with children, or helping build in remote villages.


With organizations like Real Impact Missions, you can choose to serve for a week or an entire month. Real Impact Missions helps rebuild buildings and support local churches. If you choose to go on the month long mission trip then you will also have the opportunity to serve in a mobile medical clinic.


Do you have a strong calling to help widows and orphans? Mission Discovery’s Kenya mission trip will allow you to spend time in the rustic area around Lake Victoria building and repairing houses. This trip will be full of work, but the people will greet you with open arms.

Have you gone on any short term mission trips? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below!


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