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The Top Tools for Travel Groups

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The Top Tools for Travel Groups

Planning a trip for just one person can be a challenge; however, organizing a trip for travel groups is a considerable undertaking. Besides the organization and logistics, each individual has their preferences – which airline to fly and seat selection, the time of day to travel, taking guided tours rather than planning your own schedule. The list goes on and on. To make group travel a little less stressful, check out the following sites for some useful tips and tools:


Triporama enables you to create a group home page from which you can send invites, share research, hold a discussion, map out a plan, and find great deals. The site has several guides for common group trips, including golf packages, long weekends, family travel, and skiing getaways.


This blog has fewer bells and whistles than Triporama, but the information is a bit deeper. TripHub features numerous posts from guest bloggers on a wide range of topics. One recent post featured tips on how to be a great group travel leader. Another post discussed ways to practice green wedding travel. You may have to dig more at TripHub than some other sites, but you’ll also find a lot of unique content.


If you’re traveling with a large group, it only makes sense that you should be able to get a discount. GroupSource is a site that specializes in finding those discounted rates for groups (official definition: 10+ people). The site covers a gamut of traveling groups, from skiing clubs to church organizations.


Similar to Triporama but with a cleaner, more direct layout. If too much information in one place overwhelms you, this site may be a better option. The downside is that you may find yourself going back to one of the other sites for more comprehensive information.

When the time comes to plan for travel groups, the sites above will help you get started.

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