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Top Destinations for Travel in 2013

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Top Destinations for Travel in 2013

So it turns out the Mayans were wrong and 2013 will actually happen. Not that we have that squared away, the next question is where to go. Deciding on a destination varies greatly depending on budget, travel experience, travel style and many other factors, but the fact remains that choosing a vacation spot can be one of the most fun parts of any trip. With that in mind, here are some of the Top Destinations for Travel in 2013 .

New Zealand

As The Hobbit continues to do well in theatres, New Zealand emerges as one of the top destinations for travel in 2013. One New Zealand newspaper reported that bookings to the land of Bilbo Baggins from the United States nearly doubled on the day before film made its world premiere. Air New Zealand will be adding flights from San Francisco to New Zealand in April and the U.S. dollar actually fares well against the New Zealand dollar. All of these factors add up in favor of a trip to this beautiful nation.


Speaking of beauty, few countries can match Iceland. Again, your U.S. dollar goes a bit further here than it does in other European countries and the natural beauty of the Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle and the Northern Lights makes Iceland a destination to consider in 2013.


One of Canada’s top cities is one of the top destinations for travel in 2013. Toronto is the cultural, economic and financial capital of Canada and offers visitors seemingly endless choices. Outstanding restaurants abound, and the city boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene. Sports fans can check out a revamped Blue Jays lineup, tour the Hockey Hall of Fame, take in an Argonauts or Maple Leafs game, or enjoy an IndyCar race.


Ireland is one of Western Europe’s more affordable destinations and offers visitors some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. In addition, officials are making a big effort to attract more tourists, which can be good news for travelers. Derry/Londonderry is set to spend $25 million in new cultural programs designed to bring more guests. Be sure to check out this year’s Earhart Festival which will celebrate 80 years since Amelia Earhart landed in Derry.


Slovakia celebrates 20 years of independence in 2013 and boasts one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Tourists will want to visit Kosice, a medieval city that dates back to the 12 th century. Kosice was chosen a 2013 European Capital of Culture by the European Union, an honor it shares with Marseille, France. City officials have more than 300 cultural events planned for 2013 which will highlight the city’s Slovakian and Hungarian heritage featuring music festivals, theater, art and street performances.


If there’s a city that knows how to party, it’s Amsterdam. In 2013, the city will play host to a number of anniversaries in addition to their already formidable lineup of tourist attractions.

March 30 th would be Vincent Van Gogh’s 160 th birthday and the Van Gogh Museum will honor him with special exhibitions.

The Royal Concertgebouw will turn 125 years old in 2013. In celebration, the group will perform a special “ 125 years of the Concertgebouw and Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra” concert on April 10 th. The Orchestra Programs run from January 9 th through June 29 th.

But that’s just the tip of the Amsterdam anniversary iceberg. The canal ring will celebrate its 400 year anniversary and the Artis Royal Zoo turns 175 years old. The Rijksmuseum national museum of Netherlands art and history originally opened in 1885 and has been under restoration since 2004. On April 13 th the museum will hold its grand reopening, showcasing an entirely new layout and a newly designed garden among other highlights. The museum houses a total of 8,000 works, which tell the story of Dutch culture, from the Middle Ages to today.


After a troubled past, Colombia is undergoing a rebirth as a top tourist destination. High end hotels are opening and major air carriers are adding new direct routes making this South American country more appealing to travelers.

Bogata is becoming a hub of Latin American music and was designated a 2013 UNESCO City of Music. The city will host numerous musical celebrations throughout the year, including the first Bogata International Music Festival from March 27 th through the 30 th. The festival will include 55 performances dedicated entirely to Beethoven.

If music isn’t for you, Colombia offers tours of coffee mansions, stunning national parks and the natural beauty of the Andes Mountain range.


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