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Top HCCMIS Blogs for August 2011

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Top HCCMIS Blogs for August 2011

Customer Story: Aswan – Tranquil Temples, “No Hassle” Markets

Aswan feels like Africa in a way Cairo does not. The people are darker skinned, the dusty streets are full of buildings painted blue and gold, bony dogs, and thin cats with luminous eyes. Donkey carts are not uncommon, along with the tourist horse-drawn carts pulled by lean but fast horses. [Read more]

Single Suitcase Solutions: 6 Ways to Lighten Your Load

You may have seen the movies in which a high-maintenance character arrives with a dozen pieces of luggage for an overnight trip. In reality, carrying that much baggage can be a hindrance, especially when you have only a few days to enjoy your trip. [Read more]

Travel Insurance vs. Travel Medical Insurance: Is There a Difference?

Americans heading abroad are often presented with choosing travel insurance or travel medical insurance. Many individuals may question if there is a difference between the two types of insurance. In short, the answer is usually that there is a difference. However, the provisions of each policy can vary significantly among insurance providers. [Read more]

Traveling Abroad: Four Cultural Customs to Remember

Many a traveler has accidentally committed a faux pas after neglecting to respect an important custom or practice of a particular place or group of people. Respecting traditions abroad shows respect to the people of the country you are visiting. Listed below are four customs from around the world. [Read more]

How to Pack a Suitcase for Business Travel

Chuck Gose, a frequent business traveler, met with us at the Indianapolis Conrad Hotel to share his tips on how to pack a suitcase for business travel. Do you have a packing system that helps you prepare for trips? Share your tips in the comments section below. [Read more]


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