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Top Sites for Travel Information

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 Top Sites for Travel Information

You have blocked the calendar, picked the destination, and purchased the trip. The next step is to learn about where you are going and figure out your daily itinerary. The following sites are great places to kick start your travel information research.

1) Frommers.com

The Frommers brand has been synonymous with travel information for decades. Half the travel section in your local bookstore is dedicated to their titles, with good reason. Frommers covers the globe and the information they provide is reliable and succinct. Frommers.com should always be on your short list of must-visit sites.

2) LonelyPlanet.com

The Lonely Planet guides also take up substantial real estate in the bookstore. The information on this site tends to be more practical than Frommers, and the authors dig further into the details of a location. The site features tips on scoring deals and current maps of the terrain.

3) IgoUgo.com

This site is more of an online community than a strict information site, but that’s what makes it so useful. The pictures, tips, and recommendations all come from first-person experiences. IgoUgo is a great site, but fair warning: You might lose track of time viewing all the travel photos. Even worse, you might have second thoughts about your scheduled trip because you find somewhere that looks even better!

4) VirtualTourist.com

Another first-person content generated site. The difference is Virtual Tourist is the world’s largest site in its category. No matter where you are planning to go, chances are someone on this site has done so already. You can find a ton of great information at Virtual Tourist.

5) UpTake.com

If you are short on time, UpTake is a great option. The site is an information aggregator, pulling together data on destinations from several other sites and providing a composite rating.

There are other sites out there as well if you are looking for more specific travel information. But for the average traveler, the five listed above offer a great start to gathering information.

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