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Travel on Thanksgiving

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Travel on Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you have probably started thinking about travel plans. Travel on Thanksgiving can be a major hassle for anyone involved. Long lines at the airport, bad traffic, and bad weather can lead to a ruined holiday. However, with these travel on Thanksgiving tips, you will find your holiday traveling much easier:

Airport Advice

For some, travel on Thanksgiving means getting up early and heading to the airport; make sure you follow these tips if you are planning on flying:

Purchase Plane Tickets Now- Do not to wait until the last minute to buy your holiday plane tickets. Airlines and travel services like to raise prices the closer it gets to the holiday, so go ahead and make your purchase now!

Arrive at the Airport Early- The earlier you are, the less likely you are to get stuck in long lines. Plus, when you arrive early you will not be as stressed as you would be if you were running late. Plan to be there a few hours early just in case those lines are already backed up.

Expect Long Lines- Even if you do get to the airport early, you should expect long lines. When you expect these things to happen they are far less likely to upset or frustrate you.

Pack Light- Since you are most likely only going to be gone for a few days, you should pack as light as possible. If you can, pack all of your clothes and everything else into a carry on bag. If you pack your belonging into a carry on you will not have to pay to check your luggage or wait for it to be unloaded once you arrive at your destination.

Driving Advice

Other holiday travelers choose to travel by car, which comes with its own set of problems and challenges. But if you stick to these few pieces of advice, your trip should go much smoother.

Leave Early- If you can leave the night before Thanksgiving, then great! If not, you should try and get on the road as soon as you can. By doing this, you will avoid heavy traffic, which means you will get to your destination quicker and it will help you avoid accidents.

Pack the Night Before- Make sure everyone has his or her things ready to go the night before you are leaving. When you pack in advance that means you are far less likely to be stressed the day of and you are less likely to forget something.

Check the Weather- Before you leave home, check the weather. Know what to expect in terms of driving conditions. Will it be snowing? Raining? Knowing the kind of weather you will be running into will help you plan out when you should leave and when you will arrive.


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